The Pink Till: Perspective from A Southern Fairytale

The Pink Till is a segment we’ll be doing weekly throughout the month of October to build on Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the importance of research in eradicating a disease that effects so many families.

You’ve probably noticed a change in the packaging for the mushrooms you buy at the store this month and that’s where the name of our segment comes from.  We’ve gone pink. Because mushrooms are a produce superfood, the Mushroom Council is proudly supporting the fight against cancer by providing $50,000 to City of Hope’s research on breast cancer and mushrooms. To find out more about the promising research on mushrooms as an aromatase inhibitor to date, click here.

Mushroom Quesadilla Photo Credit: A Southern Fairytale

Our first story comes from a Mushroom Channel Featured Contributor, Rachel from A Southern Fairytale. She’s taken her family and food-focused blog pink for the full month and is featuring several great recipes with antioxidant rich ingredients, starting today with Mushroom Quesadillas.  Here is her story:

Back in 2003, I was a manger for a restaurant that supports the Susan G Komen Race for The Cure.  I ran our “table” at the race and I hosted a dine out for Breast Cancer night at our restaurant, too.  That was the first time that I came face to face with the survivors, the families, the reality of Breast Cancer.   I was 25 years old.  I remember standing there with my hand on my 7 month pregnant stomach and watching t-shirts go by on women, girls, children that said: “walking in memory of my mother”.

The moment that struck deep to my core, the 7 month old being held by her Daddy. His shirt, “I walk in Memory of my Wife”  her onesie” “In Memory of Mommy”.

I sat down, hugged my stomach and cried.

About 4 years ago, the woman who is now my Mother in Law told us she had breast cancer.  I remember watching her take her treatments, lose her hair, get wigs and fight.  I remember her finishing her treatments and I remember the relief that seemed to settle over everyone.  Then, she lost her husband to brain cancer.  Not long after that, she was diagnosed with breast cancer again, in her other breast.

So many people would have given up, not her.  She had her surgeries, took her radiation and chemotherapy, she wore her wig, she fought and she smiled.  She also, found love in her long time friend, my Father in Law.  He hugged her when she felt ill and he told her how beautiful she was.

On December 28, 2008 she finished her last treatment.  In January of 2009, she stood in front of friends and family, healthy, strong and without her wig and became my Mother in Law.

This summer, my friend’s mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer.  3 weeks later, she had a double mastectomy, she is currently going through chemotherapy treatments and responding well.

On October 24th my friend, her family, me and a large group of our friends are participating in a Breast Cancer Walk here in Texas.  We’re walking in celebration of her mom, in celebration of my Mother in Law and as a tribute to all who currently battle Breast Cancer and in memory of all who lost the battle.Rachel- A Southern Fairytale

I have seen the ravages of the disease and I am determined to find out all that I can, to do all that I can to help find the cure that I know is out there.

Rachel, A Southern Fairytale

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