Recipes of the Week: National Mushroom Day Edition

Photo Credit: Blue Kitchen

As I believe has already been made abundantly clear, we felt great coming out of our weekend in San Francisco for BlogHer Food. The BlogHer organizers did a great job getting food writers in the door who clearly have a passion for cooking with fresh ingredients and we were thrilled that mushrooms are so high on their list of favorites!

With that in mind, we wanted to send some link love to some new friends (some BlogHer-related, others not) with some of THEIR mushroom recipes. I started this list for National Mushroom Day yesterday but was overwhelmed by the possibilities.  So please consider this post as though you would a belated birthday present- a simple extension of the holiday.

The photo at the top is from a perennial favorite, Blue Kitchen, who kept me absolutely captivated by is Roasted Mushroom “Casserole.”

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Let the games begin in no particular order (all links are to specific posts):

CityMama– Stefania posted a warm bowl of comfort right after BlogHer Food along with a pretty kicking post. Reminds me yet again how nice it is to meet online folks offline.

Queen of Quirky– Sam took a cue from former recipe of the week winner Foodie Reflections when she took her chances with homemade risotto.  Sounds like it paid off!

One Scoop at a Time–  Kale, Tofu, Mushroom and Ginger Soup. Linda is a woman close to our heart because there are days when I suspect she loves mushrooms as much as we do. Which is to say, a lot. It was great to finally meet her in person!

In Erika’s Kitchen– Mushroom Bread Pudding.  Erika was using a mix of cultivated and wild mushrooms and my guess is that with this seasoning blend and good bread, you could easily mix in white buttons for half to cut costs while retaining that gorgeous flavoring.

The W.H.O.L.E. Gang– Diane turned Julia’s classic Beef Bourguignon into a burger. Is anyone else trying to imagine how good her kitchen must have smelled for this?

More Than Burnt Toast– We hear (and write) a lot about stuffed mushrooms. And frankly it doesn’t get old because they are just the most poppable little treats. That said, these bell peppers stuffed with mushrooms look like a lovely change pace.

Elana’s Pantry– Raw Kale Shiitake Salad. I watched Elana eat the raw caps right off a few member of our mushroom display with undiluted glee. Beautiful inside and out and that goes for her book as well.

Blog Appetit– Tomato Mushroom Baked Polenta. The fact that she pulled this together completely on the fly impresses us. My guess is that this was one of the stars of the potluck.  What?  You know there’s always one dish that everyone flocks to first.

What’s For Dinner Mom?– Curried Hot Salad.  Laura’s become a Twitter buddy of ours since our weekend in San Francisco. This salad sounds like a great way to enjoy a warm, easy weekday lunch.

Kitchen Parade– Easy Grilled Mushroom Appetizer. Two ingredients, low calorie and utterly fuss-free? A recipe for a perfect party bite. Alana is someone I’ve been reading on my own for a couple years now and so I was enthused (to say the least) when she came to dinner at RN74.

Beach Eats– Chicken Cacciatore. An easy take on an Italian classic from a self-described diva who we find to be a little closer to divine, particularly when it comes to the kitchen.

Kitchenbelle– Chicken Lo Mein. Mary Kate was such a sweetheart.  We saw her at RN74 and she brought her friends by for soup on Saturday. Someone we’d love to hear more from.

Cashews and Hummus– Chickpea Shiitake Soup. With all the raving about Clean Food, I may need to make a bookstore trip this weekend.  This recipe sounded rich but healthy- right up our alley.

Cafe Veg News– Shiitake Sake Scallopini.  No recipe here but we didn’t want to leave out some serious mushroom lovers and supporters.  Thanks to Veg News for providing mealtime inspiration in pixels and on paper.

If missed anyone or if you have a mushroom recipe you like even better, I’m more than happy to do a mega-post again next week. Just send the link to mushroomchannel AT gmail DOT com or pass it our way on Twitter. If you’d like the Recipe of the Week Award badge, I can give you that code via email as well.

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