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Mushroom Recipes of the Week: Ending the Year with a Burst of Flavor

Happy New Year! I feel oddly sentimental writing at the end of our first year here at the Mushroom Channel. It goes without saying that many adventures have been had but there it is, I went and said it anyway. You have been, as always, remarkable company with your delicious ideas and pioneering spirits.

You know which local pub has the best mushroom burger, you send us tips on which pizza place in your neighborhood is using fresh mushrooms and which is using (gasp!) canned and your cooking. Oh your cooking. I could write a sonnet about your recipes. About the way you continue to share your kitchen with we friendly fungi. I think I will.  Here goes, in the format of your weekly mushroom recipe round-up:

Tasty Kitchen

Mushrooms stuffed with ricotta among other delicious simplicities. This stuffed mushroom recipe was brought to our attention by The Pioneer Woman who I think we can safely say is an authority on the topic.

Stuffed Mushrooms by Hazel Bloom

Hazel Bloom brings us her take on the stuffed button.  I see these as metaphorical for the practice of cramming as much good stuff into the end of the year as possible.  And I feel no guilt putting two stuffed mushroom recipes out among you because they are simply the perfect party food.

Photo Credit: Sippity Sup

A classic recipe that looks and sounds significantly fancier than it is. Complex flavors brought to you by the little umami sponge known as…the mushroom. Sippity Sup has a wonderful step-by-step to take you right through the new year.

Now even though I’ve highlight a few rich dishes tonight, remember that mushrooms will be your friends for a healthy January as well.  Light in calories, versatile and delicious, we’ll be sharing some heart-warming (and heart-healthy!) recipes in 2010.

Till then…eat your heart out.

Weekly Links: Mushroom News from Around the Web

Surprise: Mushrooms full of nutrients Don’t be fooled by mushrooms and their lack of color – just because mushrooms are white does not mean they are not nutritional powerhouses. The Detroit Free Press alerts readers of this common misperception, and notes that mushrooms are in fact dense in nutrients. Not only do they supply B vitamins like riboflavin, niacin and pantothenic acid for energy, but they also are rich in folic acid, iron, potassium and antioxidants like selenium. Get these nutrients by giving their recipe for Mushroom Almond Paté a try at your New Year’s Eve party!

Wild Mushroom Mix Enjoy this vegan and gluten-free mushroom mixture atop pizzas, as a dip with crostinis for an appetizer, or even use it as the base for a hearty mushroom soup! The versatility is endless!

Top 10 health tips for 2010 Our friends from Canada over at The Daily Observer share the most important health tips for 2010. Aside from vitamin D topping the list (be sure to eat your mushrooms!), washing your hands to prevent catching airborne illnesses and measuring your waistline rather than hopping on a scale is recommended. Belly fat is particularly dangerous, possibly leading to a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Measuring tapes are less expensive than scales anyway…

Drug from mushroom may help treat cancer Unrelated to our research at City of Hope on white button mushrooms and breast cancer, researchers at the University of Nottingham have discovered that a wild mushroom native to China, cordyceps, may be effective in treating cancer as well. “The researchers say low-dose cordycepin (the medication that includes cordyceps) seems to inhibit the uncontrolled growth and division of cells and at high doses it also inhibits growth by stopping cells from sticking together.” Aren’t mushrooms amazing?

Weekly Links: Mushroom News from Around the Web

Mushrooms: The Flavor of the Dark The New York Times touts mushrooms as the “most versatile of ingredients,” highlighting their meaty texture and deep flavor. The nutritional bang for your buck that you gain from adding mushrooms to your favorite dishes is also noted. One serving of raw white button mushrooms only adds a mere 18 calories to your meal, but tons of nutrients! Did you know mushrooms are chocked full of B vitamins, which help to break down proteins, fats and carbs to get you energized?

Vitamin D: It does a body better than we thought We’ve all known that vitamin D is great for bone health, but more and more new scientific research suggests links between low vitamin D levels and many chronic illnesses. On the flip side, increasing the amount of vitamin D in your diet (by eating D-rich foods like mushrooms!) can possibly decrease your risk for certain cancers, help you lose weight and boost your immune system.

Fungus or Feast? Make Room for Mushrooms Need a last-minute recipe idea to spice up your holiday menu? Why don’t you give one of these five unique mushroom recipes a shot, per recommendation from The New York Times!

Mushroom Channel Gift Guide

Do you have a mushroom lover on your holiday list this year? (Nod your head, even if you are the mushroom lover on your holiday list this year) This is the gift guide for you! We were so inspired by our great find on Black Friday that we’ve decided to continue.  Feel free to add your own mushroom gift ideas in the comments!

mushroom-apronFirst up we have this adorable printed mushroom apron, the perfect accessory for protecting pants and party dresses alike from the errant drop of sauce or schmear of cheese.

Mushroom BrushNext up we have a bargain of a crowd pleaser to brush any remnant pieces of peet moss off the caps of your little fungi friends.  At less than $2, this mushroom brush would make a great stocking stuffer! More on how to clean mushrooms here.

SlicerOnce you’ve lightly dusted your mushrooms with your brand new brush, slicing them can be even easier than it already is with this chop and store combination.  Truth be told, we’ve always found mushrooms to be one the easier vegetables to prep but this could come in handy for a variety of other things in the crisper.

Worlds of Flavor a Delicious International Experience for Mushrooms

The Mushroom Council recently attended the Worlds of Flavor Conference at the Culinary Institute of America, one of the country’s premier and trend setting foodservice events. This year, the theme was world street food and world comfort food, so mushrooms fit right in! Chefs from around the world convened to reflect on how Americans want to eat while enjoying three-days of sauce-slopping, noodle-slurping, kabob -sampling, chaat-nibbling, tamales-tasting, dumpling-savoring and tapas-grazing.

The Mushroom Council collaborated with Colavita and served some delectable dishes at our joint booth during the evening Market Place events.

Worlds of Flavor

Colavita Olive Oil and mushrooms paired together are just like two peas in a pod and make for some very tasty treats.  You can click below to find recipes: