Weekly Links: Mushroom News from Around the Web

The fascinating world of mushrooms The Huffington Post flaunts mushrooms for their immunity-boosting power and other nutritional benefits, including their potassium and fiber content. Mushrooms are so versatile; you can serve them as the “meat” of the dish, or as the complement on the side. We couldn’t word it better: “From portobello to shiitake to crimini, the possibilities are endless!”

Mushroom Love The News-Herald lets readers know that mushrooms are the key ingredient for livening up winter meals. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin D (perfect for cold and flu season), mushrooms can easily be added to many types of dishes. Give the Mushroom Strudel recipe a whirl, too!

Boost your immune system with healthy meals Mushrooms increase the production of white blood cells, our immunity bodyguards, making them the perfect low calorie choice for illness-ridden winter months. Jae Berman, MS, RD, also recommends eating chicken noodle soup, as the chicken releases an immunity-boosting amino acid as it cooks. Other protein sources are great for immunity as well – try fish and shellfish for the omega 3 fatty acids, or beef for its zinc content.

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