Mushroom Recipes of the Week: Feast Your Eyes

It would seem that many of you have taken on January with a walk on the lighter side and I have to say that we’re finding it very inspirational.  With that in mind, this week we’re focusing on family meals with taste toward healthy living.

Photo Credit: The Wright RecipesRed Quinoa and Almond Pilaf with Mixed Mushrooms. That’s one pretty plate and my guess is that leftovers make for happy next-day lunching.  Check out the recipe at The Wright Recipes.

Photo Credit: GoodLife EatsIf you follow us on Twitter, you may have noticed this call-out this morning. The combination sounded so good that it’s worth a second look.  Balsamic Roasted Mushroom Risotto.  Just let that sink in a moment with the thought that few things soak up flavor like a mushroom does.  So then you have that rich meaty texture soaked through with the sweet bite of vinegar and finished with fresh, herb-y rosemary.  I can’t wait to take this goodLife {eats} recipe back to my own kitchen!

Photo Credit: Kid AppealA big pile of delicious…that’s what this is. Jenna from Food with Kid Appeal is big on including mushrooms in her family meal plan (more about that here).  “Mushrooms are one optimal life food I want my family eating.” We’re glad to hear it!

Photo Credit: Recipe GirlJust in case you have the rest of dinner sorted out but need a stellar side dish, look no further than Recipe Girls easy peezy Green Beans with Mushrooms and Shallots.  Three items that add a lot of flavor without a lot of fat…you can find the recipe and the nutrition information here.

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One Comment to “Mushroom Recipes of the Week: Feast Your Eyes”

  1. That balsamic roasted mushroom risotto is making my mouth water!!! Yurm!!