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Winners: Mushroom Channel Grocery Store Challenge

First of all thank you to everyone who entered and voted in our first Grocery Store Challenge.  Your enthusiasm truly made this a great couple weeks and we hope you’ve been able to pick up some D-icious mealtime inspiration along the way.
And, of course, congratulations are in order for to the following entrants:

First Place: Photo G from Nicole P. of Greenville, SC at Fresh Market

Second Place: Photo A submitted by Adam K. of Chicago, IL at Ogilvie’s French Market

Third Place: Photo H submitted by Rachel M. of Corpus Christi, TX at H.E.B.

The Mushroom Channel editorial staff will be emailing the winner on March 1st to coordinate fulfillment of prizes.

Our Recent Rendezvous with the CIA…Culinary Institute of America That Is!

Take a quick break from voting to check out a few new delicious mushroom recipes from our latest adventures with the Culinary Institute of America!

Not too long ago we were lucky enough to hang out with the top nutrition researchers and chefs at the Culinary Institute of America’s annual Worlds of Healthy Flavors conference in sunny St. Helena, California. We got to talk about food the whole time, in particular how to create more healthful and flavorful menus with our favorite ingredient, mushrooms!

Mushroom Display

Secretly, we knew it wouldn’t be too hard of a sell. As you mushroom fans know, mushrooms are case in point that delicious and nutritious can indeed be one in the same. Not only do mushrooms add great flavor (thank you, umami), but they also are low in calories, fat and cholesterol-free and full of vitamin D and antioxidants! Why wouldn’t someone want to add mushrooms to their menu?

Now, one of the best parts of the conference was – you know it! – the food. We enjoyed watching a cooking demo from Chefs Michael Tuohy,  John Ash and Suvir Saran and we offered up some delicious breakfast recipes that you can now try too! Check out these new recipes and their mouth-watering pics:

Farro and Mushroom Burgers (this was the cooking demo dish!)

Mushroom Slider Demo

Sautéed Mushroom, Spinach and Red Pepper Strudel


Mushroom-Stuffed Ancho Rellenos

Mushroom Stuffed Peppers

Frittata with Sautéed Mushrooms and Black Beans

Black Bean Mushroom Frittata

Yukon Gold Potato, Beet, Shiitake Mushroom Hash with a Poached Egg

Potato, Beet and Shiitake Mushroom Hash with Poached Eggs

Mushroom Photo Contest – Cast Your Vote!

Here are the final mushroom display photos from your very own retailers across the U.S.

A) Photo submitted by Adam K. of Chicago, IL at Ogilvie’s French Market:

Submitted by Adam K - Ogilvie's French Market in Chicago, IL

B) Photo submitted by Damon K. of Chicago, IL at Jewel:

Submitted by Damon K - Jewel in Chicago, IL

C) Photo submitted by Danielle S. of Chicago, IL at Whole Foods:

Danielle S - Whole Foods in Chicago, IL

D) Photo submitted by David B. of Woodbridge, VA at Wegmans:

David B - Wegmans in Woodbridge, VA

E) Photo submitted by Drew K. of San Francisco, CA at Safeway:

Drew K - Safeway in San Francisco, CA

F) Photo submitted by Joe O. of Arcata, CA at North Coast Co-Op:

Joe O - North Coast Co-Op in Arcata, CA

G) Photo submitted by Nicole P. of Greenville, SC at Fresh Market:

Nicole P - Fresh Market in Greenville, SC

H) Photo submitted by Rachel M. of Corpus Christi, TX at H.E.B.:

Rachel M - HEB in Corpus Christi, TX

I) Photo submitted by Steve C. of San Francisco, CA at Far West Fungi:

Steve C - Far West Fungi in San Francisco, CA

J) Photo submitted by Tricia C. of Kettering, OH at Kroger:

Tricia C - Kroger in Kettering, OH

K) Photo submitted by Trudy F. of Rochester, NY at Wegmans:

Trudy F - Wegmans in Rochester, NY

UPDATE 2/27: Voting closed and winners were captured at 11:59pm on February 26. Thank you for your participation!

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Mushroom Recipes of the Week

Photo Credit: Big Bold Beautiful Food

I feel like I beg for fantastic restaurant dishes on Twitter at least once a week.  And while I never expect glamour shots (ahem…see above), it is nice to see them.  I was particularly taken aback that this was an at-home re-creation of Barcelona‘s famous mushrooms.  Nice work, Ninette!

Photo Credit: Poor Girl Eats Well

Did anyone else ever get a thrill from adding great fixings to standard grilled cheese sandwiches?  You can put just about anything in between thick bread with some cheese and I will love it but mushroom and tomatoes have been my favorite combination since college. Apparently I share that choice with Poor Girl Eats Well because I saw this sandwich come through my reader and my stomach growled. Loudly.

Photo Credit: The Comfort is Always Here

My first thought when I saw this recipe was of Mushroom Taco Mac.  Much like teachers and students, we at the Mushroom Channel would never officially tell you that we have favorites among our official recipes. So I am not officially telling you now that the recipe is spoken of with deep sighs and goofy hunger-induced grins. The mushroom’s ability to soak up flavor works especially well with Mexican spices for me.  But this salad is its own good thing and I want to recognize The Comfort Food Is Always Here properly.  With only a few ingredients, my thought leans toward serving this over mixed greens with a little extra chipotle sauce.

Photo Credit: For the Love of Cooking

If you have ever aspired to be the kind of person who has an elegant snack or two at the ready when friends drop by, this is the recipe for you. The filo cups required for these are wonderfully easy and I’ve seen mushrooms work into them in some truly lovely ways (all simple as simple comes).  For the Love of Cooking has posted a version that involves filo cups, caramelized mushrooms and brie. All things that make for a happily stocked refrigerator.

Weekly Links: Mushroom News from Around the Web

Reduce fat with super swaps Wendy Bazilian, PhD, RD recommends ways to switch out foods that lend less nutritional value for those high in antioxidants and flavor in order to reduce our calorie, fat, sugar and sodium intake. Instead of a regular burger, throw a portabella cap on the grill! Studies have shown substituting four ounces of mushrooms for four ounces of meat once a week for one year could save more than 18,000 calories and nearly 3,000 grams of fat – that adds up to more than five pounds. Another benefit of shrooms is their antioxidant power: mushrooms are the leading source of selenium in the produce aisle, and they contain ergothioneine, two potent antioxidants that have immunity benefits.

Recipes that Fight Belly Fat More magazine highlights our recipe for Portabella Omelet Topped with Portabella Bacon as one that fights belly fat. Why? Vitamin D. Deficiencies of vitamin D have been linked to both obesity and abdominal fat, so eat your shrooms to help shape up for bikini season (which scarily isn’t too far away).

Diet Detective: Hearty and Healthy Calorie Bargain Recipes In the healthy spaghetti and meatballs recipe, mushrooms and other veggies are incorporated into the meatball mixture for a nutrient boost, and to save calories. KPIC-TV touts mushrooms as a good source of crucial B vitamins that help convert food into energy. They also note mushrooms’ selenium content, an important antioxidant to help maintain the immune system.

Less meat, more taste Portabella burgers are common in restaurants, but don’t be afraid to make one at home – they’re super easy to make! Check out this recipe from the News-Leader, which also notes mushrooms as a great source of selenium, potassium, and B vitamins riboflavin and niacin.