Mushroom Photo Contest – Cast Your Vote!

Here are the final mushroom display photos from your very own retailers across the U.S.

A) Photo submitted by Adam K. of Chicago, IL at Ogilvie’s French Market:

Submitted by Adam K - Ogilvie's French Market in Chicago, IL

B) Photo submitted by Damon K. of Chicago, IL at Jewel:

Submitted by Damon K - Jewel in Chicago, IL

C) Photo submitted by Danielle S. of Chicago, IL at Whole Foods:

Danielle S - Whole Foods in Chicago, IL

D) Photo submitted by David B. of Woodbridge, VA at Wegmans:

David B - Wegmans in Woodbridge, VA

E) Photo submitted by Drew K. of San Francisco, CA at Safeway:

Drew K - Safeway in San Francisco, CA

F) Photo submitted by Joe O. of Arcata, CA at North Coast Co-Op:

Joe O - North Coast Co-Op in Arcata, CA

G) Photo submitted by Nicole P. of Greenville, SC at Fresh Market:

Nicole P - Fresh Market in Greenville, SC

H) Photo submitted by Rachel M. of Corpus Christi, TX at H.E.B.:

Rachel M - HEB in Corpus Christi, TX

I) Photo submitted by Steve C. of San Francisco, CA at Far West Fungi:

Steve C - Far West Fungi in San Francisco, CA

J) Photo submitted by Tricia C. of Kettering, OH at Kroger:

Tricia C - Kroger in Kettering, OH

K) Photo submitted by Trudy F. of Rochester, NY at Wegmans:

Trudy F - Wegmans in Rochester, NY

UPDATE 2/27: Voting closed and winners were captured at 11:59pm on February 26. Thank you for your participation!

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16 Comments to “Mushroom Photo Contest – Cast Your Vote!”

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  2. Look at the size of those mushrooms. They rule!

  3. Dean says:

    Oh my, Fungus heaven!
    I would make some Coconut soup right away.

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  5. Beth says:

    Mmmm, mushrooms! They look so much tastier when not in plastic đŸ™‚

  6. Peter Latour says:

    What a wonderful idea! Such beautiful displays đŸ™‚

  7. Forrest says:

    The basket of black chanterelles were wild picked locally and should be a tip that the best mushroom picking in the continental USA (best diversity and abundance!)is here in Northern CA and represented in our local co-op. Thanks, Joe O. for the photo of Gastronomical delight!

  8. Grant says:

    great idea

  9. e. bernstein says:

    you go adam. i love the fungus among us!

  10. gina demars says:

    H – nice shot!

  11. Latina Curto says:

    My pleasure! This weekend made me realize I need to start telling more stories like this.

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  13. MushroomChannel says:

    Thanks for the comment,Leonila! Glad you enjoyed the post!