Fascinating Farming: Dr. Clyde's Inside View of Mushrooms

What do you get when you take a well-respected nutritionist chemist (and all-around curious guy) to a mushroom farm? You get an excited Dr. Clyde Wilson.  There aren’t a lot of secrets in the mushroom farming business but it’s still not the kind of farming that most Americans grow up familiar with. As you’ll see/hear below one of the major reasons for this is that mushrooms grow best in dimly lit spaces. Thanks to Dr. Clyde, we’d like to take a minute or two to shed some (metaphoric) light on how one of your favorite foods is grown.

Mushrooms are grown from the kind of farming where your food likes to be kept in the dark…but you don’t need to be.

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2 Comments to “Fascinating Farming: Dr. Clyde's Inside View of Mushrooms”

  1. Bart Minor says:

    fyi. Dr. Clyde is not a nutritionist, he is a chemist who has applied that field to the field of nutrition and thus has a deep understanding of what is going on in one’s body and thus can make more science-based diagnoses and recommendations that REALLY work. Not only am I President of the Mushroom Council and eager to work with influencers like Clyde on a professional level, but am also enjoying better health as a result of Clyde’s review of my lipid components leading to a diagnoses my doctor missed. You know the saying “better living through chemistry”? Well, Clyde puts a new twist on it….by examining OUR chemistry, one can learn how to better care for one’s self WITHOUT having to resort to taking chemicals….like eating more mushrooms more often…nature’s hidden treasure. And the more we look at them the more SUPER they appear as a FOOD.

  2. MushroomChannel says:

    Thanks for the additional background – we’ve updated the post to reflect your clarification.