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Weekly Links: Mushroom News from Around the Web

Magical Mushrooms for Skin Beauty We all know by now that mushrooms are good for you, but it seems like new benefits are being discovered every day! From immune system health to skin care, the fabulous fungi can protect against viruses, tumors, and acne alike, as they’re loaded with antioxidants and vitamin D. Yahoo Health! dishes on the latest study from Tufts University and the implications it has for mushrooms as flu fighters, wrinkle warriors and even acne avengers.

Meatless mains – US food trends Mushrooms’ meaty texture and umami goodness make them alluring as heroes of the dish to vegetarians and nonvegetarians alike. Restaurants & Institutions’ latest poll, the 2010 New American Diner Study, found that 1 in 4 of us is eating more meatless meals than we did a year ago. So, it came as no surprise to see mushrooms featured numerous times in the suggested meatless meals that accompanied this new data.

Do-It-Yourself Mushrooms New York Times comments on the increase in small-scale mushroom growing, or better put, mushroom DIYers. A new demand from cooking shows and food magazines for fungi has spurred mushrooming growth across the board for the past decade, from large-scale growers to small-time farmers market suppliers and now right into the consumer’s very own home. We’re not surprised, though! Who can resist the deliciously healthy fungi that can make such a wide variety of delectable dishes?

Add a touch of diversity to dishes Looking to jazz up your diet? Daily World discusses the versatility of mushrooms, providing insight into the many ways they can be used in a variety of dishes. The names of some of these ’shrooms might sound crazy, but we all know these “fun guys” are really down to earth.

Mushroom king commands respect The Chicago Tribune quotes our pres, Bart Minor, on the king of mushrooms who’s recently come to rule the hearts of chefs around the world: the king oyster mushroom. And this isn’t just any fish in the sea; its meaty stem and increasing availability make it a favorite in the fungi kingdom. Whether they’re cooked tempura style (Minor’s personal pref) or scalloped and sautéed, the king oyster will satisfy your every craving!

Peppers Too Pricey? Stuff and Grill Mushrooms Mushrooms might be full of flavor and nutrients, but they sure don’t come at a hefty price to match! The Associated Press reports on the always satisfying mushroom and its affordability compared to their other produce aisle counterparts, providing a mouthwatering grilled sausage-stuffed portabella recipe that you have to check out.

The Vitamin D Solution Dr. Michael Holick’s new book, The Vitamin D Solution, just hit the shelves posing this hormone (did you know vitamin D isn’t really a true vitamin after all?) as the potential cure-all for a host of illnesses. Holick recommends getting your D from foods like mushrooms, the only item in the produce section to contain this crucial nutrient, and supplements.

Light and Easy for Spring: Mushroom & Celery Heart Salad

Photo Credit: Greg of Sippity Sup

Spring is here in earnest for most of us now. While some patient soldiers of the Eastern seaboard may still be drying out from their rainy introduction, I can report sunny blue skies, tulips and chirping birds on blooming Dogwood branches.  We’ve awakened.

While cozy soups, casseroles and chilis helped us to hunker down happily this winter, I don’t think I’m alone in craving a little levity. Lucky for us, mushrooms specialize in levity of both texture and calories.

I just recently stumbled upon Greg’s post over at Sippity Sup where he takes us through the ultimate in light and easy recipes-Mushroom & Celery Heart Salad.  Now that the sun is out, I’m tempted to spend more time on the patio than at the stove, so this recipe is perfect.  Affordable, basic ingredients combined in way that excited me so much, it begged to be made immediately. My version isn’t nearly as pretty as Greg’s but I felt like a little proof of enthusiasm never hurt anyone so I’ve included it below. Mushrooms (cremini or button will work beautifully), celery, lemon juice, oilive oil, salt and pepper- that’s all you need. I added a little parsley to mine because I had it on hand and like the color.

Mushroom Celery Salad

There’s also the option to add some grated peccorino or parmesan cheese. With so many light choices on the ingredients list, I felt just fine adding a little bit of cheese to the mix. Everything in moderation…even levity.

Fascinating Farming: Dr. Clyde's Inside View of Mushrooms

What do you get when you take a well-respected nutritionist chemist (and all-around curious guy) to a mushroom farm? You get an excited Dr. Clyde Wilson.  There aren’t a lot of secrets in the mushroom farming business but it’s still not the kind of farming that most Americans grow up familiar with. As you’ll see/hear below one of the major reasons for this is that mushrooms grow best in dimly lit spaces. Thanks to Dr. Clyde, we’d like to take a minute or two to shed some (metaphoric) light on how one of your favorite foods is grown.

Mushrooms are grown from the kind of farming where your food likes to be kept in the dark…but you don’t need to be.

Wordless Wednesday

Photo Credit: Veggie Num Num

Breakfast Mushrooms by Veggie Num Num. Loving everything about starting a day this way.

Weekly Links: Mushroom News from Around the Web

Dr. Sunshine New York Times Magazine interviews Dr. Michael Holick, MD, PhD, the renowned vitamin D expert, to set the story straight on vitamin D. Many topics are covered, but the fact that mushrooms are the only fruit or vegetable in the produce aisle to contain this important nutrient still makes the cut.

Bruschetta With Wild Mushrooms, Ricotta And Green Garlic Though we’d prefer to see this recipe call for some white buttons or baby bellas in place of wild mushrooms, KGO-TV still covers the gamut of health benefits in our beloved mushrooms. Mushrooms truly have it all: they’re low in fat and calories, but still rich in a variety of nutrients. For example, mushrooms are an excellent source of potassium – one portabella even contains more than a medium banana! Copper, riboflavin, niacin and selenium are among the other nutrients mentioned.

Katy Perry eats mushrooms to stay slim Even though musician Katy Perry is happily engaged, it turns out her fiancé is not the only “fun guy” on her radar: she loves fungi, too! Katy says, “I love mushrooms. I could eat a ton of them. I really love truffles but I hardly ever get them. Mushrooms in general though are so healthy and good for you. I can’t get enough.”

Figure flattering mushrooms If you’re trying shed a few pounds before summer, here’s a tip from nutrition expert Keri Glassman: add more mushrooms to your meals. Not only will your figure benefit but also your health. Mushrooms are chocked full of important nutrients that – because they’re a source of the antioxidant selenium – can help strengthen your immune system. They’re low in calories, fat-free and very low in sodium. Plus mushrooms are the only fruit or vegetable with vitamin D.