Closing National Nutrition Month with a Bang (and a Book!)

As you mushroom fans probably know, March is National Nutrition Month (NNM). Here at the Channel, nutrition is always top of mind and to keep the momentum going we’re hosting a book giveaway on Twitter this week featuring some of our favorite authors!

You can win a free copy of some of the hottest nutrition books on the market! Re-tweet our hash-tagged #NNM mushroom fact each day, and you’ll be entered to win the daily drawing for one of the following books:

Stay tuned to the Mushroom Channel on Twitter, and in the meantime check out the following roundup of some of our fave nutrition stories from this year – some easy reads that tout the benefits of nature’s hidden treasure:

March Is National Nutrition Month!: announces the American Dietetic Association’s theme for NNM this year: Eat Right with Color. Fill your plates with all the colors of the rainbow! It’s not always bright colored veggies that pack a nutritious punch – those that are light in color (or WHITE) do too, like mushrooms!

Knowing how many calories you need is what counts: To stop weight gain, remember one thing: energy in must equal energy out. In other words, the calories you consume must be equivalent to those you burn and if you want to lose weight, the scale must be tipped toward energy out. USA Today suggests cutting calories by using one of our favorite tricks – substituting mushrooms for meat.

ARE YOU “D”-PRESSED?: Dr. Keith Ayoob blogged about mushrooms as a unique source of vitamin D. That’s right, all mushrooms contain D – they’re the only source in the produce section – and like our skin, they can produce vitamin D when exposed to light.

Finally! Burgers and fries that are good for you: Martha Stewart highlights the benefits of mushrooms in this “TODAY Show” power food cooking segment. Give Stewart’s portabella burger recipe a shot for a healthier twist on one of America’s favorite foods.

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