Grilled Portabellas Stuffed with Spinach, Fresh Pesto and Goat Cheese

We’re in the throes of it now, mushroom friends. And by “it,” I mean summer. It is truly hard for us to believe that by Monday August will be upon us.  Of course, it only takes a quick step outside before all makes sense again.  It’s hot out there and neither an open flame in the kitchen nor the overstuffed feeling that comes from heavy eating sounds particularly appealing.

If you are entering the weekend in a similar mindset, we have a fresh summer dinner idea for you, straight from the patio of a humble Mushroom Channel team member!

Grilled Portabellas Stuffed with Spinach, Pesto and Goat Cheese

1/2 cup prepared pesto (I defrosted some from last summer but a favorite jarred variety would work just fine)
1 cup spinach leaves
1 cup basil leaves
4 portabella mushroom caps, excess dirt brushed off and stem removed
Cooking spray
4 oz  goat cheese

Fresh pepper to taste

I actually found that the easiest way to start was to give each mushroom cap a light coating of olive oil or cooking spray all the way around, then season it generously with fresh pepper.

Spread an even amount of pesto at the base of each mushroom.  From there, start alternating layers of basil and spinach leaves. Three of each is more than enough but it will wilt down. From there, press your goat cheese into the the top leaves to secure all the filling.

These are on the grill 8-10 minutes total (with lid closed) and are ready when the cap turns dark brown and the goat cheese is getting golden on the top. I served with undressed fresh salad and some chilled carrots leftover from a previous roasting session. If you want to replicate the face I made, I don’t see anything wrong with playing with your food- these are fun-gi, right?

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