Get Sneaky on April Fools’ Day

Breaking news! This year’s mushroom crops are going to be less hearty than expected, leading to a mushroom shortage in stores. Stock up while you can…


Did I get you? Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best prank ever, but here are a few fun ways to play “Gotcha” with your family AND sneak wholesome mushrooms into their meals while you’re at it. We think these recipes will have mushroom naysayers changing their tune from “Mushrooms?” to “MUSHROOMS!”

  • Be sneaky with mushroom swaps. Get your family excited for a burger dinner and watch as they savor Mushroom Burgers, and then see if anyone can guess the secret ingredient.
  • Prank ‘em with pizza. After your family has gobbled up slices of crowd-pleasing Mushroom Flatbread, reveal your April Fools’ practical joke and watch as they change their minds about mushrooms.
  • Surprise with spruced up spaghetti. Serve this Almost Lasagna recipe, and shock your satisfied family with the secret ingredient: mushrooms.

These suggestions will pay off three-fold by leaving your family surprised, full on a nutritious meal and praising you for a successful (and tasty) April Fools’ trick. Leave a comment below to let us know how your family reacted!

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