Discovering Mushrooms

In today’s world, so many people are going online to talk about food – every taste, bite and memory is now shared. Mushrooms’ versatility, health benefits and delicious nature make it a food that creates a lot of buzz.

The new cookbook is digital – whether it’s recipes on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest – and mushroom recipes are no exception. Here’s a look at where to find mushroom inspiration across the web!

From Pinterest to Facebook, mushrooms have never looked so good. The Mushroom Channel is serving up visual inspiration to turn your fresh supply of mushrooms into a kitchen masterpiece.

A natural benefit of mushrooms is their ability to complement just about any recipe. Making Macaroni and Cheese? Throw in some mushrooms! Taco night? Swap mushrooms for a portion of meat!  Our recipe database is full of flavorful options to suit almost any craving.

The Mushroom Council works with a group of amazing bloggers who are constantly coming up with new mushroom dishes for every season, meal and gathering. If you ever miss a recipe, you can always find them on the Mushroom Love Pinterest board and Featured Recipes Pinterest board.

Whether you’re looking for recipe ideas, cooking tips, school lunch recommendations or gourmet meals to make at home, there is always an online conversation happening about food (we’re just a little partial to the topic of mushrooms). Twitter and Facebook provide the ability to connect with chefs, foodies, Registered Dieticians and more. You never know who you might “meet” online!

If you’re not already connected with us online become a part of the Mushroom Council’s Digital Table!

2 Comments to “Discovering Mushrooms”

  1. I love the way you can add mushrooms into most recipes. They add great flavor and texture with a bonus of vitamins. Mushrooms can take the place of meat but still satisfy your appetite.

  2. MushroomChannel says:

    Great point, Barbara! It’s great to hear that you incorporate mushrooms into so many dishes! Happy Cooking!