Versatile Mushroom Wrap Recipes

Several thoughts can run through your mind when planning a meal. One day you might need to use leftover ingredients from last night’s dinner and another day you might need a meal that you can take on-the-go.  No matter the challenge, a solution you can always rely on is making a wrap. Whether it’s breakfast or a mid-day snack, wraps are a versatile option that almost always work.

When you have mushrooms in your house a few common uses might come to mind, such as tossing them into a salad, sautéing them for a stir-fry or topping a pizza. However, mushrooms can easily serve as the star ingredient in any wrap. Use them in a simple snack wrap or for a more gourmet wrap at dinner.

A Healthy Snack

No tortillas in the house? No need to fear, lettuce leaves can easily take the place of a tortilla. Shiitake and Chicken Lettuce Wraps can be packed up as a snack for the office or served as an appetizer. The recipe can easily be adapted for a vegetarian meal, replacing the chicken with additional veggies.

Dinner Inspired

With a few staple ingredients in the house, Flatout Mushroom and Chicken Fajita Wraps can be prepared in no time at all. Using cooked chicken and store bought salsa allows you to serve a satisfying and wholesome meal, while still spending plenty of time at the table with family and friends.

Kids in the Kitchen

Wraps are also a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen, and they can put a new spin on the classic back-to-school routine! Kids will love the twist on grilled cheese in Grilled Mushroom Quesadillas.

What are your favorite tips to put a new spin on wraps?

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