The Mushroom Factor

Recipes are the foundation of most of the meals we eat. They provide the formal instructions for a classic chocolate chip cookie or a homemade pizza crust that gets passed down from generation to generation. Recipes provide structure, but the real fun in the kitchen starts with spontaneous “toss-in” ingredients. The ingredients that don’t have to be planned for, but add that extra boost of nutrition and flavor to any recipe.

A mom and cook who knows the secret to “toss-in” success all too well, is our very own Mushroom Channel ambassador Jessica Fisher, from Life as MOM. Jessica’s blog discusses everything from planning a family budget to fashion, homeschooling her six children and figuring out meals for the whole family. She also recently wrote a cookbook, published by the Harvard Common Press, entitled Not Your Mother’s Make-Ahead and Freeze Cookbook.  For a busy mom, having simple recipes that can be adjusted based on the season or kids’ taste is vital to having happy faces and full stomachs across the table.

Her recipes are approachable for novice to expert cooks, providing a foundation for cooks to build upon – by adding the veggies your family loves or that are simply in the fridge. As a true mushroom lover, they are one of her go-to ingredients featured in many recipes. Mushrooms’  ability to take on the flavor of whatever they’re paired with or as a simple addition to  pasta, allows mushrooms to work for the cook, rather than scrambling to find a recipe that works for mushrooms.  Take a look at some of Jessica’s creative recipes that suggest mushrooms as a “toss-in” ingredient.

Beef Minestrone Soup

The ideas don’t have to end there. Jessica can be found sharing more unique recipe ideas on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

What’s your favorite recipe to toss mushrooms with?

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