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Swap It or Top It: Transform Your Summertime Meals with Mushrooms

With Memorial Day weekend officially kicking off the summer grilling season, we are now stepping away from the kitchen and outside to the grill. Bart Minor, Council Representative, shows us how swapping and topping your favorite summer meals with mushrooms can transform these classic favorites.

It’s that time of year – all the boots are packed away, and feet are adorned with flip-flops and sandals. The kids are looking forward to the last month of school before enjoying their new found freedom. We start to step away from preparing classic comfort foods in the kitchen, and move outside to friendly gatherings with family and friends in front of the grill. There is no doubt about it, summer has arrived.

When it comes to enjoying your favorite summertime meals – iconic foods like burgers, kebabs, and steaks – adding mushrooms to a dish as a swapper or topper can make a world of difference! Meals will be more flavorful, succulent, and healthy.

The Trend is to Blend
A big, juicy, traditional burger is part of summer’s finest, but sometimes they can be very heavy. When you swap out half the ground beef and blend in finely diced mushrooms we are not only reducing the saturated fat and calories*, but adding a serving of vegetables. It’s possible to serve healthier versions of your favorite burgers without sacrificing taste. Not even the kids will be able to tell they are enjoying a burger made with 50% less meat!

Top It High With Mushrooms
Thick steaks, tender chicken, and even grilled flatbread pizzas can all benefit from being topped with fresh mushrooms. Imagine a rich sauté of onions and mushrooms atop a medium-rare steak, or thick slices of grilled portabellas on a flatbread pizza sprinkled with melty cheese and spinach – the possibilities for using mushrooms in traditional family favorites is endless!

Tri-Mushroom Flatbread

Want to try your hand at swapping it or topping it with mushrooms this summer? Our “Swap It or Top It” contest starts June 1st. Enter your recipe for a chance to win $8,500 in prizes.

*reduced saturated fat by 37% and calories by 24% in traditional burgers 

Balsamic Beef & Mushroom Kebabs

Erin Chase from $5 Dinners shares a recipe for a blended meat and veggie kebab that’s perfect for a night of summer entertaining. 

Balsamic Meat and Mushroom Kebabs by $5 Dinners

There’s just something about outdoor dining. It’s the smell of the grill in the air, the soft breeze, the delicious food, and of course, the pleasure of company and sharing a meal together with family and friends.

While we certainly enjoy entertaining family and friends indoors, we really love having people over and getting to spend the evening on the back deck, relaxing and chatting the evening away. I can tell you one of the main reasons is that our very squirrely boys can run and roam throughout the dinner and burn off all the energy they desire with their friends in the backyard.

With the meat and mushrooms blended together on the skewer and soaked in balsamic vinegar, these Balsamic Beef & Mushroom Kebabs are the perfect meal for an evening of entertaining on the back deck!


  • About 1 pound stew beef or beef roast cut into kebab chunks
  • 8 oz. whole baby bella mushrooms, washed
  • 2 small zucchini, cut into kebab chunks
  • 1 large red onion, cut into kebab chunks
  • Salt and pepper
  • About ¼ cup balsamic vinegar


  1. Add the beef pieces, whole mushrooms, zucchini chunks and red onion chunks onto metal or wooden skewers. Season with salt and pepper, and then drizzle the balsamic vinegar over the top.
  2. Let marinate in the fridge for at least an hour, rotating the kebabs about every 15 minutes so each side has time to soak up some of the balsamic vinegar.
  3. Grill for 10 to 15 minutes, rotating every few minutes. Cook time may vary, depending on the size of the beef pieces. Grill until the beef is cooked through.
  4. Serve Balsamic Beef & Mushroom Kebabs with a side of French bread. 


Memorial Day Celebrations Start and End with Mushroom Dishes

Mushroom Gyro Burger

Memorial Day is the official start to summer, but it’s also the launch of the outdoor entertaining season.

Working the grill on the day of or prepping dishes ahead? We have a recipe to satisfy any summertime occasion.

Find Grilling Solutions Here

Check Out These Easy Tips Prep Tips

  • Prep stuffed mushrooms with filling the night before and leave wrapped in the fridge overnight. Simply pop them in the oven the day of the party for appetizers in no time at all. Try Stuffed Mushrooms with Breadcrumbs and Cheese for a simple and easy dish to pass as guests arrive.
  • Frozen sautéed mushrooms can last in the freezer for up to a month. Prep a batch in advance, thaw out the day of the event and utilize as a topping for burgers, pizza, tacos and more.
  • Keep things simple. Bacon Wrapped Rosemary Mushrooms will please all of your guests, with little prep and only 6 ingredients.

What are you whipping up this weekend with mushrooms?

Mushroom Pairings

Grilled Mushroom Medley Pizza

We’re all familiar with a guide to food pairings for every meal and occasion. Whether it’s wine, chocolate, cheese or produce, there’s always a perfect pairing option. With mushrooms’ natural versatility, variety and distinct qualities, they’re suited to blend into any meal. Take a look at a few of our favorite pairings below to make the most of every fungi variety.

Mushrooms and Eggs

Every variety of mushrooms pairs well with eggs, and a hearty portabella can even serve as a replacement for bread in a classic eggs benedict.  Not only is this a delicious pairing, but a great way to start your day with Vitamin D.


Meaty Mushrooms

Portabellas are well-known as a meatless option for a juicy burger, however, even finely chopped white button, crimini or shitakes can make a tasty addition to a burger. Blend the finely chopped mushrooms with your favorite burger base (ground turkey, chicken or beef).


Mushrooms and Leafy Greens

Salads are not the only way to get in your greens. From pizza to pasta and stir-fries, there are plenty of ways to add a touch of color to your day.


What’s your favorite mushroom pairing?

Summer is Calling

Grilled Mushroom Quesadillas

With Memorial Day quickly approaching, and schools prepping to close out another great year, there are several moments that signify summer is officially here. Whether it’s ice cream melting down the side of a cone or the scent of a burger fresh off the grill, it’s vital to enjoy the start of a new season with all of your senses.

Luckily, mushrooms are the perfect summer ingredient. Easily blended into your favorite burger base or topped on a grilled pizza, we’re here to prevent you from ever saying, “How can I use the mushrooms in my fridge?”

Take a look at a few of our favorite recipe round-ups below to kick off your summer events:

Grilled Mushroom Quesadillas (Pictured Above) – Turn the food into part of the event, allowing kids and adults alike to fill quesadillas with their favorite ingredients. Of course, mushrooms are the perfect pairing to creamy melted cheese.

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers – May happens to be National Burger Month, and everyone from Bon Appetit to Daily Meal are sharing their best of the best.  Portabellas make a natural replacement to a burger with their hearty texture, but diced mushrooms are a perfect addition in your favorite burger recipes, such as this Mushroom Burger with Fried Egg and Truffle Oil.

Of course, we have inspiration across the board on our Pinterest account, with boards dedicated to recipes “On the Grill” and “Summer Delights.”

What are you cooking up this summer with mushrooms?