Mushroom Pairings

Grilled Mushroom Medley Pizza

We’re all familiar with a guide to food pairings for every meal and occasion. Whether it’s wine, chocolate, cheese or produce, there’s always a perfect pairing option. With mushrooms’ natural versatility, variety and distinct qualities, they’re suited to blend into any meal. Take a look at a few of our favorite pairings below to make the most of every fungi variety.

Mushrooms and Eggs

Every variety of mushrooms pairs well with eggs, and a hearty portabella can even serve as a replacement for bread in a classic eggs benedict.  Not only is this a delicious pairing, but a great way to start your day with Vitamin D.


Meaty Mushrooms

Portabellas are well-known as a meatless option for a juicy burger, however, even finely chopped white button, crimini or shitakes can make a tasty addition to a burger. Blend the finely chopped mushrooms with your favorite burger base (ground turkey, chicken or beef).


Mushrooms and Leafy Greens

Salads are not the only way to get in your greens. From pizza to pasta and stir-fries, there are plenty of ways to add a touch of color to your day.


What’s your favorite mushroom pairing?

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