Swap It or Top It: Transform Your Summertime Meals with Mushrooms

With Memorial Day weekend officially kicking off the summer grilling season, we are now stepping away from the kitchen and outside to the grill. Bart Minor, Council Representative, shows us how swapping and topping your favorite summer meals with mushrooms can transform these classic favorites.

It’s that time of year – all the boots are packed away, and feet are adorned with flip-flops and sandals. The kids are looking forward to the last month of school before enjoying their new found freedom. We start to step away from preparing classic comfort foods in the kitchen, and move outside to friendly gatherings with family and friends in front of the grill. There is no doubt about it, summer has arrived.

When it comes to enjoying your favorite summertime meals – iconic foods like burgers, kebabs, and steaks – adding mushrooms to a dish as a swapper or topper can make a world of difference! Meals will be more flavorful, succulent, and healthy.

The Trend is to Blend
A big, juicy, traditional burger is part of summer’s finest, but sometimes they can be very heavy. When you swap out half the ground beef and blend in finely diced mushrooms we are not only reducing the saturated fat and calories*, but adding a serving of vegetables. It’s possible to serve healthier versions of your favorite burgers without sacrificing taste. Not even the kids will be able to tell they are enjoying a burger made with 50% less meat!

Top It High With Mushrooms
Thick steaks, tender chicken, and even grilled flatbread pizzas can all benefit from being topped with fresh mushrooms. Imagine a rich sauté of onions and mushrooms atop a medium-rare steak, or thick slices of grilled portabellas on a flatbread pizza sprinkled with melty cheese and spinach – the possibilities for using mushrooms in traditional family favorites is endless!

Tri-Mushroom Flatbread

Want to try your hand at swapping it or topping it with mushrooms this summer? Our “Swap It or Top It” contest starts June 1st. Enter your recipe for a chance to win $8,500 in prizes.

*reduced saturated fat by 37% and calories by 24% in traditional burgers 

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