Celebrity Chef Richard Blais Blends Mushrooms With Meat For a Great Burger

Blais' Earth and Turf Burger

Summer is in full-gear and burgers off the grill can be found on plates all over town – from backyard BBQs to the hottest restaurants.  We wanted to add another “must eat” to your list. Behold: the Earth & Turf Burger by Chef Richard Blais that brings mushrooms front and center for a flavorful, satisfying burger. This standout burger is accompanied by Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, pickles and mushroom ketchup and mayo – packing exceptional flavor between a brioche bun.

Plus, creating a burger with mushrooms and meat can cut calorie and fat intake while adding veggies and nutrients without sacrificing taste or hearty portion sizes. With mushrooms, you can have your burger and eat it too – all summer long.

Hey Atlanta! You can find the featured “Earth & Turf” burger on the menu at Flip Burger Boutique in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA until July 31. However, the burger can be a mainstay in your own kitchen with the full recipe here.

If you’re looking to master the grill, follow these additional easy tips and techniques to build a better burger this grilling season:

  • Perfect the patty: Finely chop any mushroom variety and combine with ground meat of choice for a moist burger packed with flavor.
  • Switch Up the Seasoning: Experiment with a combination of herbs and spices like rosemary and thyme to add another layer of savor.
  • Create New Condiments:  Take typical toppers like ketchup or barbecue sauce and stir in unexpected pairings like soy or hot sauces.
  • Bring on the Bun: Bring flair to the whole affair with different bread choices like brioche buns, pretzel rolls, English muffins or even sandwich wraps – be adventurous.

Additionally, our Pinterest board is full of burger ideas with mushrooms as a meat replacement, topper and blend for great summer burgers. Like Chef Blais, tell us how you’re transforming your meals with mushrooms this summer. Enter the ‘Swap It or Top It’ Recipe Contest for the chance to win $8,500 in prizes. Categories for entry include: Swapability, Best Topped Burger, and MyPlate Burger.

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