Mushrooms: A Part of your Healthy Burger

An American favorite, cheeseburgers have long been among the most popular flame-cooked fare, and have recently been making surprise appearances as… wait for it… healthy food!

New and innovative ways to enjoy healthier cheeseburgers have resulted in an influx of ingenious recipes containing ingredients outside of traditional ground beef. This new take on a conventional treat has allowed foodies everywhere to experiment with tradition, step outside of the box and create recipes that are both delicious and pack more of a nutritional punch than traditional cheeseburgers.  Often times, enjoying the “healthy” burger option is more delicious than the real thing!

Subbing lean meats and veggies in for ground beef is not only more nutritious, but can often result in a more economic burger. One way to make your cheeseburger go further is to blend your meat of choice with finely chopped mushrooms. The hearty texture and savory flavor of mushrooms make them an extremely compatible addition to meat, adding flavor only umami can provide while reducing the patty’s calories, fat and sodium.

With Labor Day, the last hurrah of summer grilling, quickly approaching experiment with The Blend the next time you find yourself grilling. Check out the recipes tab for more tasty blended meals. Some of our favorite blended burgers include:

As a low-calorie alternative to meat in cheeseburgers, mushroom cheeseburgers are a perfect example of a burger that is “Too Good to Be Healthy”. Do you serve up a cheeseburger that is commended as “Too Good to be Healthy” by your family and friends? Joy Bauer, The Today Show’s Nutrition and Health Expert, is hosting a cheeseburger contest that provides the perfect opportunity to let your favorite mushroom cheeseburger shine! The creators of the top three entries are invited to appear on The Today Show and “battle it out” in a taste test to see whose healthy cheeseburger reigns supreme.  Entries are accepted through 8/16 (TODAY), so make sure to review the Rules & Regulations and represent mushrooms by entering your original mushroom cheeseburger for a chance to win a trip to New York!

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