Let Mushrooms Beef up Your Taco Tuesday

Mushroom Blended Beef Tacos

The weekdays call for a variety of quick, delicious meals that the whole family can enjoy and Tuesdays are dedicated to tacos!

Using The Blend, Culinary Institute of America chef, Bill Briwa, and Mushroom Council president, Bart Minor, provide a closer look into how the taste and texture of mushrooms can spice up your Taco Tuesday menu:

Enjoyed crunchy and mild or soft and zesty, tacos bring a personal touch to family dinners with their variety of toppings and serving styles. The assortment of ground meats and fresh veggies that can be used to stuff your shells creates serious flavor combinations and makes tacos a great dish to experiment with using mushrooms. With the ability to chop and blend seamlessly into ground meat, mushrooms are a delicious addition to your taco night. The added flavor of minced mushrooms also allows you to decrease salt and seasonings making blend-tacos a healthier yet desirable option for the family.

Embrace Taco Tuesday with mushrooms and revamp your weekly taco night with new recipes:

Sausage and Mushroom “Brinner” Tacos – Blend sautéed mushrooms and savory sausage for a quick breakfast or dinner.

Mushroom and Beef Tacos with Salsa and Cotija Cheese – Enjoy the mushroom blend in this traditional beef taco topped with zesty salsa and sharp Cotija cheese!

Mushroom Bulgogi Tacos – Meaty mushrooms make these Asian-fusion vegetarian tacos a great meal for any time of day.

Taco Salad – Try this beef and mushroom meat blend atop taco fixings and shredded lettuce for a delicious dinner salad.

Mushrooms are even great as a garnish – slice them thin and sauté them in rich Chile seasonings for a tasty taco topper.

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