The Better Burger Project Takes Over Frontier

Food is notorious for bringing people together, so it was no surprise to see so many burger lovers show up when we invited a group of Chicago foodies to Frontier to experience Chef Brian Jupiter’s better burger.

With the “closed for private event” sign hung on the door, Chef Brian Jupiter prepped his staff for the event that was about to take place. In a matter of hours a group of Chicago foodies would be arriving at Frontier to not only try the new Bison Burger (blended with 25% mushrooms), but to live-tweet their #BetterBurgerProject experience during a #FoodieChats Twitter Party.

Frontier #FoodieChat Attendees

As the mushrooms were smoked and the avocados dredged, one by one the foodies started to arrive. It was hard to ignore the phenomenal smells coming from the kitchen as the chef prepared that evenings meal. As the group waited, they casually chatted about The Blend and how the Better Burger Project was such a brilliant idea. “Blending is a great way to give burgers a new healthier life,” explained Alissa Trumbell. “Anything that gets more fruits and vegetables in our diet is an amazing thing,” exclaimed Debbie Donato. It seemed everyone was in agreement that the Better Burger Project was THE next big thing!

Frontier's Better Burger

The moment of truth finally arrived as better burgers paraded out of the kitchen. A meaty mushroom & bison patty was stacked underneath lettuce, pickled green tomato and deep fried avocado; all on a warm pretzel bun. Mouths watered as photos were snapped & Instagrammed. Guests couldn’t believe their tastebuds – the burger was absolutely delicious!

As plates were licked clean, the #FoodieChats Twitter Party started and the group began to share their experience. “After having a bite of the Frontier Better Burger Project Burger I don’t think I can eat a burger without mushrooms blended” tweeted Angela Woody. “I’m having one (a better burger) at Frontier & it’s UH-mazing!” tweeted Soo Park.

Needless to say the night was a completely success; everyone went home with a full belly and ideas on how to get blending at home!

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