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Mushrooms in the News

Sizzling Good Times Are Here If you’ve been feeling a bit uninspired by “traditional” summer BBQ dishes, our friends up North have some fabulous suggestions to bring more creativity to your grill.  Purchasing fresh goods from local food suppliers is one of their tips, as are various original ideas for healthier alternatives to one’s usual daily fare.  Mushrooms are highlighted, of course, receiving only praise for their delicious taste and nutritional value.  Our favorite part: the mouth-watering (and very simple) recipe for Portabella Mushroom Burgers.

Health Benefits of White Button Mushrooms If you’ve questioned the necessity of having white button mushrooms in your diet, you might find yourself thinking otherwise after you read this awesome laundry list of health benefits provided by  Mushrooms provide 1-97% of the recommended Daily Value of Vitamin D?  Check.  They contain immunity-boosting antioxidants?  Check.  Chock full of potassium?  Check.  White button mushrooms pretty much have it all!

Gloss How-To: Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Every now and then we all feel like we could use a friendly reminder on how to eat healthier and improve our diets.  After all, USDA guidelines recommend we each eat 2 cups of fruit and 2 and ½ cups of vegetables each day!, a popular health and lifestyle blog, published a list of clever tips on incorporating more fruits and veggies into your daily meals.  We like this article because the tips are realistic and not out of reach.  Our fave suggestion? Replace a serving of meat once a week for a serving of vegetables.  Their recommendation?  Instead of a grilled hamburger, enjoy a grilled Portabella Mushroom Sandwich.

Fresh mushrooms a virtual powerhouse of goodness, says nutritionist It still amazes us that some folks out there are only now just discovering that mushrooms really are great for you.  Our buddies in Canada are once again spreading the word in this interview with Toronto nutritionist Clare Jones.  As mushrooms are nearly fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free, chock full of essential vitamins and minerals, and contain cancer-fighting antioxidants, they’re basically a nutritionists dream. Add the delicious taste and unlimited ways to serve them in the kitchen, and you have a “powerhouse of goodness.”  Don’t forget to read her do’s and don’ts  on care, handling and storage of mushrooms, too!

Work some healthy mushrooms into diet Jackie Silver, founder of Aging Backwards, really hits a homerun with this informative piece on the Tampa Tribune’s website,  It is just another reminder of how beneficial mushrooms are to your health. Silver specifically cites an Australian study on mushrooms and breast cancer prevention, not to be confused with the research we’ve help provide funds for at City of Hope in Duarte, Calif. But hey, we’re happy to see any research that’s fighting for the cure. Make sure you check out the healthy (and delicious) recipe for Carrot Mushroom Spinach Loaf.