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The Doctor is In!

Take three mushrooms, and call me in the morning

Most doctors don’t make house calls, but lucky for us, Dr. Oz does! This week he invited one of our favorite dietitians, Liz Ward, onto the show to talk about the mighty mushroom. Watch the video to learn more about three different kinds of mushrooms – white buttons, creminis, and maitakes – and fun ways to cook with them to get more nutrients onto your plate!

Tasting is believing! Try one of the recipes mentioned on the show with your family today:

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Check out the Facebook page for Liz’s new book, MyPlate for Moms, for more nutrition and cooking tips.

Weekly Links: Mushroom News from Around the Web

Get healthy Tri-State: Keep the comfort, lose the calories The Herald-Dispatch knows that cold winter has many of us reaching for warm comfort foods like chili, pasta and beef dishes. While that sounds like the right food to trigger a warm feeling, consuming so much saturated fat isn’t your healthiest option. If you swap out mushrooms instead of meat in your comfort dishes you’ll find yourself with a source of ergothioneine—a compound that helps prevent plaque from forming in arteries. Now that’s comforting way to warm up this season!

Where to trim fat and calories at the Thanksgiving feast During and after your Thanksgiving feast, cutting the fat and extra calories from your holiday meals doesn’t mean cutting the taste. Many of us try to feel less guilty by eating vegetable or fruit side dishes, but forget that adding a stick of butter for flavor doesn’t help our waists much. The Dallas Morning News shares ways to enjoy your holiday and weekend indulgence, like delicious stuffing, while still being conscious of where its going.

Morels are very special mushrooms With such a wide variety of mushrooms to choose from—porcinis, trompettes, chanterelles, maitake and morels—it can be hard to pick a favorite. It can be even more daunting to find some of the more rare varieties that come with a higher price tag. If you do happen to use these special varieties while cooking or enjoy them while dining out, Olive Nation’s blog can help you choose the right pairing for each type. They offer suggestions for using the right sauce, vegetable or wine. The blog also includes tips for handling and preparation.

Tuna and Mushroom Potato Pot Pie Does your family have a favorite pie recipe that’s become a tradition around the dinner table? Bits of Taste was introduced to traditional pies by her mother-in-law and took a chance on making a modern version that not only added fiber to her family’s diet, but was also suitable for a picky eater. For fans of the traditional shepherd’s pie, this recipe is similar except that she has swapped minced mutton or beef for a healthier tuna.

Preventing The Swine Flu: A Comprehensive Approach There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to keeping everyone healthy and immune to influenza according to Mark Hyman, MD, at the The Huffington Post. Not everyone will find the same results from vaccines and treatments, thus the best approach is one that involves keeping healthy through a variety of means.  Hyman provides an overview of things to consider when getting a vaccine and offers alternative ways that support your immune system naturally, such as immune-enhancing mushrooms.

Second time around: What to do with those Thanksgiving leftovers If you find yourself in abundance of turkey leftovers don’t think that the most exciting use for a turkey is over. has plenty of ideas for re-using leftovers that will still be as good as the original holiday meal. Whether you want to bake, throw together a quick pasta or warm up with soup, has you covered through the weekend of leftovers.

Back to Basics: Great Tutorial on Sauteeing Mushrooms from Chef Bill Franklin

Chef Educator TodayThe countless ways to use sautéed mushrooms boggles the mind. Mushroom pizza toppings, mushroom ravioli fillings, mushroom sauces, mushroom sandwiches… I could go on like this for days like Bubba telling Forrest Gump about the myriad uses of shrimp.

Bill Franklin is corporate executive chef for Nestlé Professional and talked to Chef Educator Today magazine about how to perfectly sauté mushrooms in seven steps. Chef Franklin used to be a culinary school educator so he certainly knows his stuff.