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Summer Entertaining Made Easy with Mushrooms

Summer Entertaining Made Easy with Mushrooms

Summer is here! Beat the heat (or add to it!) with delicious mushroom dishes that are perfect for all of your summer activities. Whether in a salad for a picnic, blended into appetizers at backyard parties or sautéed over the fire while camping, mushrooms add that delicious umami flavor (plus an extra serving of veggies to the plate). No matter how you serve them, mushrooms are the perfect addition to all of your summer spreads.

The Blended Burger Project is back! Head on over to the Blended Burger Project to find your local blended burger.

Campfire Mushrooms

Campfire Mushrooms
Take your mushrooms camping! Cooking over a campfire gives mushrooms a deep smoky flavor.

Mushroom Gazpacho

Mushroom and Pea Gazpacho
This sweet and healthy gazpacho soup is made with spring peas and mushrooms to create a refreshingly cold snack on hot summer days.

Mushroom Sausage Polenta Bruschetta

Mushroom and Sausage Polenta Bruschetta
White button mushrooms, lightly spiced Italian sausage, pine nuts and fresh rosemary make for delicious flavor combination atop polenta.


Mushroom Mango Salad
Bring summer to your plate with mangos, avocados and mushrooms mixed in a sweet chili sauce.

Mushroom Egg Salad

Mushroom Egg Salad
The classic egg salad gets a face lift with the addition of crispy sautéed mushrooms and shallots.

Surf & Turf Shrimp Portabella Fajitas

Surf & Turf Shrimp Portabella Fajitas
Bring a sizzle to your summer nights with Surf and Turf Shrimp and Portabella Fajitas.

A Delicious Farewell to Summer

Labor Day Send-Off

With the Labor Day weekend – “summer’s last stand” – upon us, it’s time to dust of the grill for one last hurrah.

While it’s not time for fluffy jackets and scarves just yet, the cooler nights signal the summer’s end is quickly approaching. This holiday weekend, send summer off in style with tasty grilled mushrooms for a cookout that’s nutrient-dense and low-calorie without sacrificing that unique smoky taste.

Whether on pizzas, alongside other veggies, or finely chopped and blended with ground meat into a traditional burger, mushrooms are an easy way to fold in an extra kick of nutrition into your fired up favorites. Because of their heartiness, savory mushrooms can even replace the meat on your grill altogether, for a nutritionally sound and tasty treat.

The sun may be setting on summer, but it doesn’t have to set on your health! Did you know that Vitamin D is also found in mushrooms? In fact, mushrooms are one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D and the only food in the fresh produce aisle to do so.

If you’re looking for some grilling inspiration, here is some of our favorite flame-cooked fare:

As the weather cools down, incorporate mushrooms into your Labor Day grilling plan for a nutritious way to enjoy your summer favorites. After some easy prep, you can kick back and enjoy the “fruits of your labor.”