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Winners: A Closer Look at Some Marvelous Mushrooms

We wanted to take a minute to draw a little extra attention not only to the winners who submitted photos to last week’s contest, but to the diverse group of retailers those photos represented.

First Place: Nicole‘s submission from The Fresh Market, a national grocery chain focused on fine foods and fresh produce. While readers are the ones who chose this entry as the winner, we can certainly see why.  A diverse selection of mushrooms and the ability to select just the right amount from free-standing baskets make quick work for busy home cooks.

Photo G First Place

Second Place: Adam‘s submission from Chicago’s French Market. The French Market, new to the city of Chicago, aims to be exactly what the name implies: a French-style market made up of many different vendors providing seasonal, local fare.  While the booths are smaller than what a traditional grocery store provides, we’re impressed that there’s no shortage of mushrooms with five varieties represented.  Julia would be proud.

Photo A Second Place

Third Place: Rachel‘s submission from HEB.  Again, a store that offers consumers the attractive choice between hand-selecting their own mushrooms and convenient, still-fresh packaged selections. As an occasional Mushroom Channel contributor,  we trust that Rachel knows her mushroom shopping!

Photo H Third Place

Mushroom Photo Contest – Cast Your Vote!

Here are the final mushroom display photos from your very own retailers across the U.S.

A) Photo submitted by Adam K. of Chicago, IL at Ogilvie’s French Market:

Submitted by Adam K - Ogilvie's French Market in Chicago, IL

B) Photo submitted by Damon K. of Chicago, IL at Jewel:

Submitted by Damon K - Jewel in Chicago, IL

C) Photo submitted by Danielle S. of Chicago, IL at Whole Foods:

Danielle S - Whole Foods in Chicago, IL

D) Photo submitted by David B. of Woodbridge, VA at Wegmans:

David B - Wegmans in Woodbridge, VA

E) Photo submitted by Drew K. of San Francisco, CA at Safeway:

Drew K - Safeway in San Francisco, CA

F) Photo submitted by Joe O. of Arcata, CA at North Coast Co-Op:

Joe O - North Coast Co-Op in Arcata, CA

G) Photo submitted by Nicole P. of Greenville, SC at Fresh Market:

Nicole P - Fresh Market in Greenville, SC

H) Photo submitted by Rachel M. of Corpus Christi, TX at H.E.B.:

Rachel M - HEB in Corpus Christi, TX

I) Photo submitted by Steve C. of San Francisco, CA at Far West Fungi:

Steve C - Far West Fungi in San Francisco, CA

J) Photo submitted by Tricia C. of Kettering, OH at Kroger:

Tricia C - Kroger in Kettering, OH

K) Photo submitted by Trudy F. of Rochester, NY at Wegmans:

Trudy F - Wegmans in Rochester, NY

UPDATE 2/27: Voting closed and winners were captured at 11:59pm on February 26. Thank you for your participation!

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One Delicious Reminder…

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend – for those of you who have the day off for President’s Day, all the better!

Just want to remind you that we’re looking for photos and descriptions of your favorite mushroom displays for a chance to win $50-$100 dollars of free groceries next week. Visit our post from Friday for more details and get yourself to the store to snap a pic!