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Earthy Mushroom Recipes for Earth Month 🌎

Bring springtime flavors to your plate with delicious, earthy mushroom recipes. 

Happy Earth Month, earthlings! Did you know the mighty mushroom is both healthy on the plate AND gentle on the planet? That’s because fresh mushrooms require minimal land, water and energy to grow. Bonus: they’re delicious! This month, add a healthy helping of earthy mushrooms to your plate with delicious springtime dishes.

Mushrooms mix wonderfully into your salads, taco bowls and brunch recipes for an added umami-punch that you can feel good about. As you enjoy your next mushroom-centric meal, here are some bite-size facts to fuel you this Earth Month.

On average, the production of 1 pound of mushrooms:

  • Requires only 1.8 gallons of water*
  • Requires only 1 kw hours of energy*
  • Generates only .7 pounds of CO2 emissions*
  • Plus, as many as 1 million pounds of mushrooms can grow on just 1 acre!

Download the complete report.

Earthy Mushroom Recipes

Marinated Mushroom 7-Layer Salad

Marinated Mushroom 7-Layer Salad
Marinated sliced mushrooms add a burst of tanginess and meaty texture to crisp vegetables and creamy herb dressing. Make for your next picnic or spring holiday gathering.

Blended Mushroom Beef Brown Rice Taco Bowls

Mushroom, Beef and Brown Rice Taco Bowls
Lighten Taco Tuesdays by blending mushrooms with your meat. Save time by cooking the beef and mushroom blend in your slow cooker, then top with your favorite ingredients and enjoy.

Seven Minute Mushroom Spring Ramen Bowl

Seven-Minute Spring Ramen Bowl
Update this college staple (without losing the college budget!). Loaded with flavorful veggies and meaty mushrooms, this ramen makes an easy-breezy lunch or dinner in a time crunch.

Blended Greek Baked Eggs

Greek Baked Eggs
Go Mediterranean with a blended baked breakfast: eggs, lamb, mushrooms, kalamata olives, tomatoes, and feta. Delicious for breakfast (or brinner) and full of protein. Opa!

Spring Mushroom Galette

Spring Mushroom Galette
Bring your brunch to life with delicate flavors. Enjoy the earthiness of cremini and white button mushrooms blended with fresh herbs – parsley, chives and thyme – in a springtime galette.

Oyster Mushroom Spring Rolls

Oyster Mushroom Spring Rolls
It’s not springtime without spring rolls! The meaty flavor of oyster mushrooms adds a nice touch against crisp veggies. Sauté the mushrooms with butter and onions to bring out their flavor.

Mushrooms: A Part of your Healthy Burger

An American favorite, cheeseburgers have long been among the most popular flame-cooked fare, and have recently been making surprise appearances as… wait for it… healthy food!

New and innovative ways to enjoy healthier cheeseburgers have resulted in an influx of ingenious recipes containing ingredients outside of traditional ground beef. This new take on a conventional treat has allowed foodies everywhere to experiment with tradition, step outside of the box and create recipes that are both delicious and pack more of a nutritional punch than traditional cheeseburgers.  Often times, enjoying the “healthy” burger option is more delicious than the real thing!

Subbing lean meats and veggies in for ground beef is not only more nutritious, but can often result in a more economic burger. One way to make your cheeseburger go further is to blend your meat of choice with finely chopped mushrooms. The hearty texture and savory flavor of mushrooms make them an extremely compatible addition to meat, adding flavor only umami can provide while reducing the patty’s calories, fat and sodium.

With Labor Day, the last hurrah of summer grilling, quickly approaching experiment with The Blend the next time you find yourself grilling. Check out the recipes tab for more tasty blended meals. Some of our favorite blended burgers include:

As a low-calorie alternative to meat in cheeseburgers, mushroom cheeseburgers are a perfect example of a burger that is “Too Good to Be Healthy”. Do you serve up a cheeseburger that is commended as “Too Good to be Healthy” by your family and friends? Joy Bauer, The Today Show’s Nutrition and Health Expert, is hosting a cheeseburger contest that provides the perfect opportunity to let your favorite mushroom cheeseburger shine! The creators of the top three entries are invited to appear on The Today Show and “battle it out” in a taste test to see whose healthy cheeseburger reigns supreme.  Entries are accepted through 8/16 (TODAY), so make sure to review the Rules & Regulations and represent mushrooms by entering your original mushroom cheeseburger for a chance to win a trip to New York!

Your Questions Answered: Keri Glassman Talks "Superfoods" and Nutrient Preservation

Today we are thrilled to have author and nutrition expert Keri Glassman answer nutrition questions submitted by our amazing fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Fresh off the release of her new book, The O2 Diet, Keri dishes with us on nutrition, superfoods and her tips for maintaining a healthy diet. And we can’t help but notice she’s a big fan of mushrooms. We had some really excellent questions come through- too many for one post.  Keep an eye out for Part II next week!

Q: It feels like everyone is talking about “superfoods.” What are some examples, and what makes them special? Stephanie (Los Angeles, CA)

A: I like to think of superfoods as nutrient-rich foods that provide incredible health benefits and should be included in a balanced diet. Personally, I focus on those that are high in antioxidants. When you consume nutrient-rich foods, you feel good, you look better, and as a result, you are more likely to live a healthier lifestyle.

When I hit the grocery store, the following must-have foods are always in my shopping cart:

  • Mushrooms are a best-kept secret to make any diet possible thanks to their flavor, value, nutrition and versatility. I toss a handful into whatever I’m cooking; they are low in fat and calories, but will fill you up. Mushrooms are also the only source of vitamin D in the produce section
  • Olive oil, avocados and nuts are a great way to add healthy fat into your diet.
  • Berries! On their own, in a smoothie, for a snack or dessert – you can’t go wrong.
  • Spices go a long way when you’re cooking. They add flavor without adding calories, and can help you feel more satisfied as a result. Chile pepper, cinnamon, cumin, rosemary – go nuts and reap the benefits, they’re usually heart healthy and full of antioxidants!
  • Green tea is always at the top of my list. It’s rich in antioxidants called catechins, which stimulate the body to burn calories and decrease body fat.

Q: I’m always afraid that I’m cooking the nutrients out of my mushrooms. What is the best way to preserve the nutrients in veggies when I’m cooking? Do mushrooms lose their nutritional value when dried? — Linda (San Jose, CA) & Kathi (Kennett Square, PA)

A: Before you step into the kitchen, check out some easy tips on how to prepare mushrooms to ensure you’re cooking them properly. When it comes to drying foods, this process usually increases the nutrient count because by removing water you increase the concentration of other nutrients per gram. So when considering the same volume of fresh or dried mushrooms, the dried mushrooms will have more nutrients than their raw counterparts because the water weight has been removed.

Light and Easy for Spring: Mushroom & Celery Heart Salad

Photo Credit: Greg of Sippity Sup

Spring is here in earnest for most of us now. While some patient soldiers of the Eastern seaboard may still be drying out from their rainy introduction, I can report sunny blue skies, tulips and chirping birds on blooming Dogwood branches.  We’ve awakened.

While cozy soups, casseroles and chilis helped us to hunker down happily this winter, I don’t think I’m alone in craving a little levity. Lucky for us, mushrooms specialize in levity of both texture and calories.

I just recently stumbled upon Greg’s post over at Sippity Sup where he takes us through the ultimate in light and easy recipes-Mushroom & Celery Heart Salad.  Now that the sun is out, I’m tempted to spend more time on the patio than at the stove, so this recipe is perfect.  Affordable, basic ingredients combined in way that excited me so much, it begged to be made immediately. My version isn’t nearly as pretty as Greg’s but I felt like a little proof of enthusiasm never hurt anyone so I’ve included it below. Mushrooms (cremini or button will work beautifully), celery, lemon juice, oilive oil, salt and pepper- that’s all you need. I added a little parsley to mine because I had it on hand and like the color.

Mushroom Celery Salad

There’s also the option to add some grated peccorino or parmesan cheese. With so many light choices on the ingredients list, I felt just fine adding a little bit of cheese to the mix. Everything in moderation…even levity.