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Behind the Scenes: The Blend Takes Over the CIA Kitchens

Boom poles and light reflectors, food processors and spatulas – join Council Representative, Bart Minor, behind the scenes at our recent mushroom cooking video shoot.

With the sun barely peeking over the horizon, the Mushroom Channel team and I headed to the infamous Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena, California. Bright eyed and bushy tailed we entered the facility and to our delight were greeted by some very familiar aromas – sautéed mushrooms, chili, lasagna, and tacos, just to name a few. At 7:00am the kitchen was already bustling. The staff were preparing a full-fledged mushroom blended smorgasbord. Mouths watering, we made our way to the culinary demo theater where 2 days of intense filming were about to begin.

Fresh Mushrooms on Display

The industrial kitchen set was adorned with fresh mushrooms. Shiitakes, maitake, and oysters filled basket upon basket, while big, beefy portabellas bulked up the backdrop. It was evident how excited the crew was to shoot these videos. Promptly at 7:30am, Chef Bill Briwa arrived, and we were ready to get blending!

CIA Chef Bill Briwa Cooking Mushrooms

Chili, meatballs, tacos, and burgers – The Blend recipes were flowing. Chef Briwa worked diligently blending mushrooms into many of our everyday favorites – boosting the flavor, lowering the calories & fat, and creating a meal that we know our families love. Focusing on techniques, how-to, and delicious blended recipes, Chef Briwa answered many common mushroom questions and offered exclusive tips and advice along the way.

Mushroom Blendability Recipes by CIA

Twenty four hours and sixteen videos later, the crew called it a wrap! With that we are happy to present the first mushroom cooking video in our video series – Mushroom Blending.


From American classics to Italian favorites, maximize your meals with mushrooms!

If you are looking to see more behind the scenes footage from our CIA video shoot, you can find the full photo album on the Mushroom Channel Facebook Page.