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Pure Poetry: Mushrooms in Verse

If  yesterday was Wordless Wednesday, today can be Thoughtful Thursday.  Okay, we don’t have to stick with that if you can come up with something better but a regular reader sent us something this morning that we needed to share with you.  It’s more than just thoughtful, it’s poetry.  Poetry inspired by mushrooms, to be exact.

Mushroom Has Landed

Expressionless visitor who appears overnight,

seamless as a spaceship,

neither animal nor vegetable,

your unearthly flesh-likeness, rooted nowhere.

Despite your independence,

you proliferate in our wastes and rot,

play temporary citadel among shadows,

but still submit to our sauté pans,

And bathe just as easily in butter

as in moonlight, donning or losing

your hat for every culinary occasion,

formal or otherwise.

Depending on generation or hemisphere,

you become the handpicked delicacy,

fodder for foodie gossips,

as you sneak unobtrusively with flavor among wild rice,

Accept the crown as cream of soups,

or stuff yourself endlessly on an entourage of

high-priced hangers-on

lying as tray of luxuriant hors d’oeuvres.

Just as you achieve superfood status,

you blanche at the thought of mistaken identity,

of taking blame when your poisonous cousins,

the toadstools, mimic you,

Forcing you to return to the woods for respite,

until you pop into fashion again,

but for now, head skyward, shoulders low, hoping to be beamed up,

before farmer’s foot crushes you in the glade.

~ Cynthia Gallaher

Now might be a good time to share that this is not the first mushroom poetry we’ve received at the Channel.  No, there’s a lot of talent out there inspired by our fungi friends.  It just so happens that the last one was a haiku pair written by my grandfather.  The poems below were sent in by Dr. Arnold Langsen, a mushroom lover for all his 92 years.


Browned butter sizzles;

Sliced shiitake in the pan;

Mouthful of heaven.


Ribeye steaks on grill

Carmelized onions and mushrooms

Prelude to romance.

Friends from afar and family alike- thank you for your generosity of thought. For any other “peat moss poets” out there, I hope you’ll share your mushroom-inspired works with us here. We still specialize in your inspired works in the kitchen, but thanks for indulging us.