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A Very Fall Friday Post

I am intentionally writing this at the very end of the day on Friday. That’s how much we care about preserving your productivity. I say that because once you know Pinterest, it’s easy to be fully sucked in by the visual bookmarking glory. Never again will you forgot where you saw that beautiful recipe for Portabella Benedict  or Mushroom Stroganoff.

Now you easily find those photos among your pins and click through to the recipes themselves….all while sharing with a community of like-minded (err like-appetited) friends.

We’ve been collecting mushroom recipes via Pinterest for awhile now and would like to share three of our favorite fall finds for you to try out this weekend!

Mushrooms and Kale Hash from our friends over at Tastespotting:

Mushroom Pesto Lasagna from Italian Food Forever:

Mushroom Stroganoff from The Svelte Gourmet (wonder how it compares to ours?):

Lights! Camera! Mushrooms!

We recently worked with Dan Coha to take some amazing pictures of delicious mushroom dishes from chefs and their restaurants across the country.

To find these delectable mushroom recipes, we first tapped our network of champion mushroom chefs.  We received an overwhelming amount of recipe submissions from chefs in high-end, trend-setting restaurants, university dining halls and even fast food chains- the variety and breadth of mushroom love knows no bounds.

It was a tricky task to narrow down all 50+ recipes to only eight for the final shoot. We chose recipes that embodied new culinary trends, demonstrated creative mushroom applications and of course…tasted absolutely delicious!

Shooting eight mushroom dishes took more than you might think. A chef helped recreate each of the recipes while a special food stylist – armed with a pair of tweezers – painstakingly made each dish look picture-perfect (no pun intended).

But, the picture wouldn’t be complete without the help of a prop stylist. What’s a prop stylist you may ask? Check out the image below; lots of time and energy goes into each photo’s environment, so to speak, to create the perfect ambiance that accentuates the dish being photographed. This Thai Stroganoff was especially tricky. We went for the warm feeling of the brown setting.

Below are just some of the mouth-watering pictures we got to take home, but stay tuned; we’ll be featuring these new photos and their accompanying recipes regularly as we interview the chefs who created them.

Queso Fundido con Champinones Adobados – Chef Richard Sandoval, Zengo, Washington, DC

Sugarcane Portabella with Arugula Salad – Chef José Luis Ugalde, Gibraltar, El Granada, CA

Wordless Wednesday: Mushroom and Brie Omelet from Heather Eats Almond Butter

Today’s bite of beauty is a simple omelet of cow’s milk brie and plenty of mushrooms from Heather Eats Almond Butter. Bonus round?  This photo shares a post with another mushroom enhanced recipe- stroganoff! Popular week for that creamy, umami-laden dish