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Mushrooms Go to College in the Big Easy

Last week we had the pleasure of dropping into the Big Easy yet again (we posted in December about our delicious experience with Chef Tenney Flynn of GW Finn’s). This time, however, we hung out with a different crowd – the students at Loyola University.

Chef Scott Goodstal and the rest of the amazing dining services staff at the school hosted what can only be described as a mushroom madness lunch on Wednesday, February 16.

Chef Goodstal also said options at the vegan/vegetarian station are always in high demand at the school. Lucky ‘shroom fans there had four different dishes to choose from including both hot and cold marinated mushrooms, a portabella mushroom bruschetta, and a mushroom orzo pasta.

Big thanks to Loyola to hosting this mushroom extravaganza. We were glad to meet so many mushrooms fans on campus and hopefully won over some new ones. Check out our Facebook photo album for more event photos.

Chef Goodstal prepared nine separate mushroom dishes to a crowd of around 600 students. While the chef said his creamy mushroom soup is one of the most popular mushroom dishes at the school, on this particular day the chicken primavera with shiitake and button mushrooms was the hottest station (and rightfully so – it was delicious).

Mushrooms in the Big Easy

This past November we had the chance to get away for a few days from the early onset of winter in Chicago, to the sunny, fall weather in the Big Easy. The Council attended the annual International Foodservice Editorial Council conference in New Orleans, where we met with other foodies in the writing world.

At the event, we partnered with Chef Tenney Flynn of renowned New Orleans seafood restaurant, GW Finn’s, to meld New Orleans charm with the savory flavor of mushrooms. For anyone who has ever doubted their love for mushrooms and seafood, doubt no more. Chef Flynn will make you fall in love with both, time and time again.

Chef Flynn prepared two tasty mushroom dishes that included a mushroom risotto with grilled sea scallops and mushroom butter sauce, as well as a mushroom and oyster tart. Both dishes were a hit! In fact, we’re still dreaming about his mushroom risotto…

For those of you planning to visit the Crescent City, take a trip to the French Quarter and experience for yourself Chef Flynn’s delectable mushroom dishes. And for anyone who’s ever been, let us know!