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Back from Boston, Feeling Better than Ever

Last week the Mushroom Council packed its bags and headed to “Beantown” along with nearly 10,000 nutrition professionals for the American Dietetic Association’s annual Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo.

Our good friend and vitamin D expert Dr. Michael Holick was the speaker of a session, “Vitamin D: Connecting Science to Health,” in which he discussed the importance of vitamin D, its impact on our health and solutions for maintaining healthy D levels. Mushrooms are on his list of recommended foods since they’re one of the few dietary sources of vitamin D (and the only natural source for vegans!). Following the session, we had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Holick at the Mushroom Council booth to greet attendees and distribute copies of his book, “The Vitamin D Solution.”

In addition to our D-lightful day with Dr. Holick, we continued to discuss the Council’s commitment to breast cancer research. For every attendee who scanned his or her badge at the booth, the Council increased its contribution to the breast cancer research taking place at City of Hope. We tip our caps in appreciation for the hundreds of attendees who helped build our “Wall of Pink” by signing tributes to loved ones who have faced the disease. We were moved by their messages and proud to watch the wall turn pink throughout the event. Check out some of the messages in the photos below.

Being the fun-guys that we are (get it, fungis?!), we toured the city for the best mushroom recipes in town. One of our favorite dishes was this grilled sashimi of chanterelle and shiitake mushrooms at O Ya. We snapped a quick pic on blackberry, but the photo doesn’t do the flavor of these mushrooms justice. You’ll have to taste it for yourselves next time you visit. Boston was incredible and we were lucky to be joined by some of our favorite food and nutrition friends. Can’t wait to catch you all in San Diego for FNCE 2011!

See Pink, Eat Pink, Think Pink this October

If you’re an avid mushroom eater, you’ve probably already noticed that mushrooms look a little different at the grocery store lately. Mushrooms will be looking “pretty in pink,” thanks to their special pink packaging through the month of October. Today kicks off National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and mushroom growers are proud to help build awareness about the importance of research in the fight against this disease.

Headlines have been praising the Mighty Mushroom in the fight against breast cancer. The Bon Appétit October issue featured a phenomenal recap of the science taking place at City of Hope, one of the nation’s leading cancer research and treatment centers.

Since 2002, the mushroom industry has worked with City of Hope to award more than $700,000 in grants for lab studies and pilot clinical trials exploring the potential effects of mushrooms on breast cancer. This year is no exception; the Council is honored to provide another $50,000 for extended studies as part of the promotion this fall.

You can help make a difference! Visit to make a donation in honor of a loved one. Stay tuned to the Channel, Facebook and Twitter for more ways you can think, eat and act PINK throughout the month!