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Simple Ways to Add Mushrooms to your Weekend Meal

Mushroom Recipes for Fall

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Once the weekend hits, meal time can become less structured. There is more freedom to spend hours in the kitchen or treat the family to a meal out.  Regardless of what your plans are, mushrooms can easily blend into any routine, providing you with a healthy and flavorful dish that is worthy of weekend comfort.  When you head to the store to pick up your latest batch of fresh mushrooms, keep an eye out for pink tills throughout the month of October in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Meal Idea #1 – Blend mushrooms into any meal. Alison Lewis from, Ingredients, Inc. put a healthy spin a family favorite, by creating a meat:mushroom blend in her Baked Spaghetti recipe.

Meal Idea #2 – Add mushrooms to your favorite fall comfort dishes. Discover the amazing combo of mushrooms and beans in this Creamy Three Bean Mushroom Soup from Kristen at Dine and Dish.

Meal Idea #3 – Bring back the skillet! There is nothing better than baking and serving a meal in the same dish. Whip up this Skillet Lasagna with Mushrooms from Savory Simple for a bit of weekend comfort.

Meal Idea #4 – Dine out. Mushrooms are a key ingredient on menus from appetizers to entrees. Whether it’s a family night out or a romantic dinner for two, let mushrooms guide your decision.

Meal Idea #5 – Get creative! Whether it’s an entirely meatless dish or a meat:mushroom blend, the possibilities with mushrooms are endless.

How are you incorporating mushrooms into your weekend?


Mushroom Love Goes Pink

Mushrooms Go PINK in October

October is a beautiful month for several reasons. Leaves are beginning to change color, the weather turns cool and crisp and comfort food finds its place at the table. As we embrace the beauty that surrounds us, we also take note of a very important message for October, which is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. During the month of October the mighty mushroom becomes more than an ingredient at your table, it becomes part of a message for hope.

Through an annual $50,000 donation to City of Hope, a leading cancer research center, the Mushroom Council supports their research on breast cancer and mushrooms. In total, the council has donated more than $800,000 through the years. You will also notice a new color in the produce aisle this fall as mushroom tills “go pink” in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Our featured recipe tab is filled with six recipes to put those fresh new mushrooms in your kitchen to good use. You can find even more inspiration on our collaborative “Mushrooms for Hope” Pinterest board with City of Hope and by following along with the #Fall4Mushrooms hashtag.

We also partnered with three amazing food bloggers this month, who are bringing brand new mushroom recipes to the table. Even better, their posts are providing a chance for YOU to win. Simply leave a comment on one of the posts below with your favorite mushroom recipe and you will be randomly entered for a chance to win a Mushroom Apron and $50 American Express Gift Card.

Cheers to a great and inspiring month ahead here at the Mushroom Channel!

Featured Recipes:
• Dine and Dish: Creamy Mushroom and 3 Bean Soup
• Ingredients, Inc.: Baked Spaghetti with Mushrooms
• Savory Simple: Mushroom Skillet Lasagna

Mushrooms Going Pink to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October means it’s time to go Pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and mushrooms have a brand new outfit for just such an occasion.

Breast cancer research is a cause near and dear to the Mushroom Council. Since 2002, we’ve invested more than $750,000 in grants to City of Hope for research on mushrooms and cancer. This fall, the Council will provide an additional $50,000 to continue funding these important studies. To help raise knowledge of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and recognition of breast cancer research, mushrooms will be sold in pink containers September 15th – November 15th.  Check your local grocery store to find them in the produce aisles.

In addition, we’re thrilled to be featured in City of Hope’s Super Foods for Super Health recipe program. This program uncovers how “natural substances in super foods may help prevent cancer.” Click here to see Super Foods for Super Health recipes that include mushrooms.

Mushrooms in the News

Sizzling Good Times Are Here If you’ve been feeling a bit uninspired by “traditional” summer BBQ dishes, our friends up North have some fabulous suggestions to bring more creativity to your grill.  Purchasing fresh goods from local food suppliers is one of their tips, as are various original ideas for healthier alternatives to one’s usual daily fare.  Mushrooms are highlighted, of course, receiving only praise for their delicious taste and nutritional value.  Our favorite part: the mouth-watering (and very simple) recipe for Portabella Mushroom Burgers.

Health Benefits of White Button Mushrooms If you’ve questioned the necessity of having white button mushrooms in your diet, you might find yourself thinking otherwise after you read this awesome laundry list of health benefits provided by  Mushrooms provide 1-97% of the recommended Daily Value of Vitamin D?  Check.  They contain immunity-boosting antioxidants?  Check.  Chock full of potassium?  Check.  White button mushrooms pretty much have it all!

Gloss How-To: Eat More Fruits & Vegetables Every now and then we all feel like we could use a friendly reminder on how to eat healthier and improve our diets.  After all, USDA guidelines recommend we each eat 2 cups of fruit and 2 and ½ cups of vegetables each day!, a popular health and lifestyle blog, published a list of clever tips on incorporating more fruits and veggies into your daily meals.  We like this article because the tips are realistic and not out of reach.  Our fave suggestion? Replace a serving of meat once a week for a serving of vegetables.  Their recommendation?  Instead of a grilled hamburger, enjoy a grilled Portabella Mushroom Sandwich.

Fresh mushrooms a virtual powerhouse of goodness, says nutritionist It still amazes us that some folks out there are only now just discovering that mushrooms really are great for you.  Our buddies in Canada are once again spreading the word in this interview with Toronto nutritionist Clare Jones.  As mushrooms are nearly fat-free, cholesterol-free, and sodium-free, chock full of essential vitamins and minerals, and contain cancer-fighting antioxidants, they’re basically a nutritionists dream. Add the delicious taste and unlimited ways to serve them in the kitchen, and you have a “powerhouse of goodness.”  Don’t forget to read her do’s and don’ts  on care, handling and storage of mushrooms, too!

Work some healthy mushrooms into diet Jackie Silver, founder of Aging Backwards, really hits a homerun with this informative piece on the Tampa Tribune’s website,  It is just another reminder of how beneficial mushrooms are to your health. Silver specifically cites an Australian study on mushrooms and breast cancer prevention, not to be confused with the research we’ve help provide funds for at City of Hope in Duarte, Calif. But hey, we’re happy to see any research that’s fighting for the cure. Make sure you check out the healthy (and delicious) recipe for Carrot Mushroom Spinach Loaf.