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The Mushroom Masters: A Tournament of Taste

My dear mushroom fans from around the globe, we are on the cusp of something quite grand. As a partnership with the exceptionally gorgeous site Tastespotting, we are thrilled to announce that this September we will be celebrating National Mushroom Month with a four week competition featuring some of the most talented food bloggers around the globe.

In addition to our regular weekly posts from our team of ten mushroom mavens, we’ve invited four photo-centric US-based bloggers to compete on our behalf in this Olympics of umami. Canada and Australia will also have four bloggers for their national team and you’ll be able to find each week’s recipe on their respective blogs (linked above).

The Masters start on Tuesday, August 31 with the Portabella Playoff. For the home team, we are thrilled to announce Sara of Sprouted Kitchen as the US nomination.  We are longtime fans of her work and this was the perfect opportunity to get to work with her.

The competition will of course be stiff with Angela of Oh She Glows representing Canada and Jules of Stone Soup representing Australia.

Be on the lookout for Sara’s recipe next week and links every week to Tastespotting where you can vote for your favorite of the three photos/recipes featured.

Let the games begin!

Mushroom Recipes of the Week

You have been busy. And yes, I mean “you” in the collective sense.  We have also been busy.  Busy reporting back on two of the big adventures we took in October (FNCE and IFEC). My oh my though, we missed one week of Recipe of the Week posts and suddenly your delicious (and might I say attractive?) posts have popped up like…well, like mushrooms.

With that in mind, it’s time to dig in because there’s a lot of appetite to get through today!

Photo Credit: Home Ec 101First up we have Burgundy Buttons from Heather at Home Ec 101. For something that’s relatively easy to put together, this is a versatile one.  Served on steaks, in baked potatoes or even on pasta, this is four ingredients to a relative umami bomb. One of our featured contributors, Rachel,  pointed these out to us and then made them for her own family that same night!

Photo Credit: Sprouted KitchenNext up we have a new face in the crowd. I was combing through food blogs tonight (favorite pasttime, don’t you know) when I came across this beautiful site.  I thought I had my post all sealed up but when I saw this photo series, the recipe looked too good not to feature. Go say hello to Sprouted Kitchen and her Stuffed Portabellas with Herb Sauce.  Your eyes will be glad you did. Though you may need to answer to your appetite later.

Photo Credit: Love and Olive Oil

Do you see the picture above? Of course you do. And you saw the one before it? This is us proving a point. When you’ve seen one stuffed portabella, you’ve not seen them all. Not even close.  Aside from being an all-around gorgeous shot, this is everything I want in my dinner tonight. It’s hard for me to believe but I already have everything in this masterpiece on hand and there’s a good chance you do too. Frozen spinach, can of artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, an onion and a portabella mushroom…the things happy kitchens are made of. This Stuffed Portabella with Balsamic Reduction from Love and Olive Oil is most certainly what a happy kitchen is made of.

Photo Credit: The Way the Cookie CrumblesNext up we have Stuffed Mushrooms with Sundried Tomatoes from That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles.  Now to be fair, this was originally posted a couple weeks ago but we’re officially past Halloween now and into the high season of party-planning and I don’t think these could be more perfect.  Elegant, appealing and can be assembled ahead of time- the ideal passed poppable. And just to keep things current (and because, when asked to choose between things I like,  I prefer “both” ), I encourage you to check out her Pumpkin Porcini Soup as well.

Photo Credit: Ree Drummond, The Pioneer WomanLast but most certainly not least, we have our favorite rancher to bring this week’s highlights home. We love The Pioneer Woman and not just because she loves us back.  Because she very simply loves food and loves to share it. Photos like this don’t hurt the cause but I can’t imagine many folks hear mushrooms, brie and garlic in a recipe without taking a look. This is another great candidate for party poppables although a completely different flavor profile. Mushrooms Stuffed with Brie from The Pioneer Woman, because it sounds like a good idea and it is.