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Seasonal Soups with Mushrooms

It would seem that a solid half of the US is experiencing a classically damp, cool fall day and that is nothing if not the ultimate in soup weather.  This particular editor has a  handy dandy “test kitchen” that’s been waiting for a night like this one to share a few fresh ideas. Both of these soups are lighter on calories but will leave you toasty and satisfied the whole night through.

Pictured up top is the Mushroom Barley Soup found via Post Punk Kitchen. Her photo is miles prettier than the one a snapped minutes before digging in but I stand heartily by the deliciousness of that recipe. Don’t skimp on the freshly shopped herbs on top- extra dill brightens the whole bowl!

The second soup in our arsenal could really be any soup- my point is that it’s all about the accessorizing.  The soup pictured just happens to be a beautiful Potato, Celery Root and Sunchoke Soup from Cannelle et Vanille. I love pureed soups because they taste so rich but I rarely find they need cream.

Instead I want to load in extra texture, which is where my mushrooms came into play.  Forget the bacon bits in potato soups, you guys. Just chop a mixed lot of mushrooms, saute them in a little extra virgin olive oil and season accordingly.  I added a little cinnamon when I paired them with Butternut Squash and Apple Soup and I added a little cumin for the Potato, Celery Root and Sunchoke Soup pictured above. In both cases, the mushrooms provided just the right amount of variety in the midst of a warm, creamy stew.

Do you share our love of a warm, hearty bowl for lunch and/or dinner? Any favorite mushroom varieties you’d care to share on a dark and stormy night?