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Celebrating Success: Recipe Redux 2014

From succulent portabella steaks to crunchy vegetarian nuggets, our 2014 Recipe Redux contest participants amped up the mushrooms and packed on the flavor in 37 delicious recipes! As part of the Council’s recent partnership with registered dietitians Regan Miller-Jones, Deanna Seagrave Daly and Serena Ball of The Recipe Redux, we tasked their community of 217 registered dietitians and health bloggers with revamping classic dishes by adding meaty mushrooms to the mix.

From blending fresh, diced mushrooms seamlessly with hearty ground meats in classic bruschetta and tender burgers to replacing meat altogether in crisp spring rolls and zesty, loaded nachos, the creativity was endless. The best part is that their efforts produced delicious, healthier alternatives to our favorite meals.

Let’s celebrate our contest winners!

Congratulations are in order to all participants as we celebrate all the amazing recipes we received featuring the mushrooms we all love. Thanks from the Council for a deliciously successful program!


See below for a full list of recipe entries

Sausage and Mushroom Brinner Tacos

Erin from $5 Dinners blends sautéed mushrooms and sausage for a “Brinner” taco perfect for the late-night breakfast craving

Sausage Mushroom Breakfast Tacos by $5 Dinners

Breakfast tacos, typically made with scrambled eggs and some mix-ins. But these delicious tacos don’t have any eggs, so I’m having a hard time calling them “breakfast tacos.” They have breakfast sausage, along with some sliced mushrooms and other veggies, so I’ve settled on “Brinner (A.K.A Breakfast for Dinner) Tacos”…but they could totally be for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and of course, brinner. The blend of mushrooms and meat give them a hearty texture perfect for dinner, but with the comfort of breakfast.

Add your favorite tacos toppings (shredded cheese, avocado slices, sour cream or pico de gallo) to these for a fabulous and easy weeknight meal.

I can’t think of a better way to utilize the mushrooms in your fridge than with a late-night breakfast feast!

If you have a winning mushroom recipe of your own, don’t miss the chance to enter Mushroom Channel’s “Swap It or Top It” summer recipe campaign for the chance to win $5,000!  The contest ends July 31, so start cooking today!

Sausage and Mushroom “Brinner” Tacos


  • 1 lb. ground pork sausage
  • 2 Tablespoons homemade taco seasoning
  • 8 oz. sliced white mushrooms
  • 1 small zucchini, chopped
  • 1 small orange pepper, chopped
  • 1 small yellow pepper, chopped
  • 16 to 20 flour tortillas
  • Topping Ideas – shredded cheese, pico de gallo or salsa, sour cream, avocado slices


  1. Brown the sausage with the taco seasoning. Once almost browned, stir in the mushrooms, zucchini, and pepper pieces. Sauté with the sausage until the sausage is cooked through and the mushrooms begin to brown.
  2. Spoon the sausage and mushroom mixture into the tortillas and top with favorite taco toppings.
  3. Serve Sausage and Mushroom Brinner Tacos with side of rice and beans, or fresh fruits.

Celebrity Chef Richard Blais Blends Mushrooms With Meat For a Great Burger

Blais' Earth and Turf Burger

Summer is in full-gear and burgers off the grill can be found on plates all over town – from backyard BBQs to the hottest restaurants.  We wanted to add another “must eat” to your list. Behold: the Earth & Turf Burger by Chef Richard Blais that brings mushrooms front and center for a flavorful, satisfying burger. This standout burger is accompanied by Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions, pickles and mushroom ketchup and mayo – packing exceptional flavor between a brioche bun.

Plus, creating a burger with mushrooms and meat can cut calorie and fat intake while adding veggies and nutrients without sacrificing taste or hearty portion sizes. With mushrooms, you can have your burger and eat it too – all summer long.

Hey Atlanta! You can find the featured “Earth & Turf” burger on the menu at Flip Burger Boutique in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA until July 31. However, the burger can be a mainstay in your own kitchen with the full recipe here.

If you’re looking to master the grill, follow these additional easy tips and techniques to build a better burger this grilling season:

  • Perfect the patty: Finely chop any mushroom variety and combine with ground meat of choice for a moist burger packed with flavor.
  • Switch Up the Seasoning: Experiment with a combination of herbs and spices like rosemary and thyme to add another layer of savor.
  • Create New Condiments:  Take typical toppers like ketchup or barbecue sauce and stir in unexpected pairings like soy or hot sauces.
  • Bring on the Bun: Bring flair to the whole affair with different bread choices like brioche buns, pretzel rolls, English muffins or even sandwich wraps – be adventurous.

Additionally, our Pinterest board is full of burger ideas with mushrooms as a meat replacement, topper and blend for great summer burgers. Like Chef Blais, tell us how you’re transforming your meals with mushrooms this summer. Enter the ‘Swap It or Top It’ Recipe Contest for the chance to win $8,500 in prizes. Categories for entry include: Swapability, Best Topped Burger, and MyPlate Burger.

Grilled Mushroom and Peach Sliders

Paula from Bellalimento shares a juicy recipe for Peach Portabella burgers that bring a delightful  pairing of sweet and savory to your next summer meal. 

Grilled Mushroom and Peach Sliders by Bellalimento

These grilled mushroom and peach sliders are perfect for summer. They’re light bright and juicy. Yes things can be juicy and even meaty without having actual meat in them.  Don’t believe us?! Well then, you’ll just have to try these for yourself. We’re swapping out the meat and replacing them with mushrooms. Big beautiful Portabella mushrooms.  We like to call it swapability. Have you heard of this? It’s exactly what you think it might be, swapping out one thing for another. In this case its mushrooms for meat, but it can also be the process of replacing a portion of meat in a burger with finely chopped mushrooms, giving the meat lovers in your family the best of both worlds.

The Mushroom Channel is celebrating a summer of mushrooms with a “Swap It or Top It” recipe contest. Whether you blend, top or swap your burger with mushrooms, there are plenty of options to amp up the creativity. The combination of peaches and mushrooms in this dish provides a great foundation for the MyPlate category, which requires a burger to include ingredients from the five food groups.

These portabella peach sliders are a great way to start an evening dining al fresco with friends. Go ahead and fire up the grill!

Grilled Mushroom and Peach Sliders

Serves 4


  • 4 Portabella mushrooms – stems removed
  • 1 peach – pitted, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 4 petite Kaiser rolls – toasted
  • bean sprouts
  • 4 slices fresh mozzarella
  • balsamic cream – optional


  1. Heat grill pan over medium heat.
  2. Place mushrooms and peaches onto grill. Drizzle with olive oil.
  3. Cook peaches until grill marks appear and mushrooms until softened. Turning as necessary.
  4. To assemble:  Cover bottom of Kaiser roll with bean sprouts. Top with mozzarella, mushroom and peach slices. Drizzle with balsamic cream.

Mushrooms Come to Life at Eat, Write, Retreat

Tony and Joe - Mushroom Growing Session at Eat,Write, Retreat

Tony and Joe D’Amico prepare for their presentation on the mushroom growing process! Image Courtesy: Dottie Foley Photography

This past weekend food bloggers descended upon Philadelphia for Eat, Write, Retreat 2013, a jam packed weekend of learning, laughing, networking and, of course, delicious food.  As a sponsor for the second year in a row, The Mushroom Council hosted a one hour educational session bringing to life the process of growing mushrooms. Alongside, Tony and Joe D’Amico, the brothers behind family-owned To-Jo Mushrooms, bloggers got a firsthand view of LIVE mushroom growing beds and took home a bit of the fun for themselves with Back to the Roots Mushroom Growing Kits.

With all of the lively food and mushroom conversations captured at Eat, Write, Retreat, we couldn’t resist sharing the wealth.  Along with a Facebook album capturing all of the mushroom growing beds and a Pinterest board filled with highlights, we wanted to share a bit of the knowledge we gained from our dedicated Mushroom Council farmers.

Mushroom Growing Fun Facts

  • Unlike other forms of produce, mushrooms don’t grow from a seed, but a spore.
  • The optimal temperature for storing mushrooms is 35 degrees. At home, keep them wrapped in their tills or in a loosely sealed brown paper bag until use.
  • It’s a 16-18 week process to create the rich compost used in growing mushrooms, and the compost is pasturized prior to growth to ensure a safe, clean growing environment.
  • Crimini and portabellas are grown from the same spore, but harvested at different times.

For a more detailed look, check out our infographic on the mushroom growing process.

The final announcement at Eat, Write, and Retreat launched an exciting opportunity for all of our fungi fans. Our official “Swap It or Top It” summer recipe contest launched with much excitement and you’re invited to participate!  Enter your recipe for a chance to win a prize up to $5,000. From reinventing the turkey burger with mushroom blendablity, to creating a MyPlate burger with the five food groups, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Start brainstorming and enter today!