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Preparing for the (Flexitarian) Feast

Two weeks from today, many of this country’s citizens will still be recovering from what is traditionally the heaviest feast day of the American calendar year- Thanksgiving. Now I could never knock a holiday built around food (let’s be honest, most holidays are built around food so far as I’m concerned) but the Mushroom Channel would love to help you avoid that overstuffed food hangover that sets the stage for the kind of winter layer we can’t pull off like a wool sweater once the heat kicks on.

Mushrooms are a key ingredient to filling your feast with a lot of beloved fall flavors, minus the big time calories. For the next two weeks, we’ll be highlighting a few recipes per post that would make for a meal the whole family can enjoy- including the vegans or vegetarians at the table (or in the kitchen, for that matter).

The goal is simple: providing options so that no one feels like they need to skip their favorite dishes to keep from feeling like they swallowed Plymouth rock for days afterward. Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving dish you think we should feature? Leave us a link in the comments!

Leek Pear and Chanterelle starter from Happy Yolks

Sauteed Mushrooms with Caramelized Shallots side from Eating Well

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Stir Fry from the New York Times Eating Well blog

Recipes of the Week: Holidays Are Here

I write this hoping that today finds you all fully recovered from a feast with friends and family alike. And by “recovered” I mean plotting menus for the next several weeks.  This is always an interesting week in the kitchen for me because on the one hand, there are inevitable glorious leftovers but on the other, I’m a little over them and  ready to start trying a few new flavors.

If you feel similarly then today is the ROW of your dreams because we’ve got something for everyone!

Photo Credit: The Kitchn

The Kitchn has a hot list of soups to make with your turkey stock  and other Thanksgiving leftovers.  You’ll notice that the vast majority of them have mushrooms including Hot and Sour Mushroom, Cabbage and Rice Soup, Mushroom Soup and traditional Hot and Sour Soup.  If you’ve never made turkey stock, here is a great instructional post. You will thank yourself later.

Photo Credit: Serious Eats

If you’ve got more leftovers than some straightforward stock, check out the recipe for Turkey Fricassee with Mushrooms at Serious Eats. Leftover meat, with fresh herbs, mushrooms and wine cooked with a rich broth > potpurri.

Photo Credit: Coconut Lime

If you’re done with turkey but not the cold weather comfort food, Coconut Lime has a divine Chicken and Mushroom bake with your name on it. She has a great trick using fresh mushrooms and evaporated milk that cuts down on the fat in standard cream-based soups.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Perrillo for The Family Table

Jennifer Perrillo has quickly become a favorite read around here…in all of her various nooks including her personal blog, Gourmet Unbound, and Food 52. She has a new project called The Family Table focused on healthy, delicious eating for parents and kids alike. Not only do we love the idea but we already love the approach- she leads with Mushroom Bolognese and great advice on helping kids get used to new ingredients…like mushrooms.

Photo Credit: Pink Parsley

Speaking of family-friendly, that’s my hunch for Cooking Light’s Pesto, Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna as executed by Pink Parsley.  That is a slew of my favorite things in one place and I’ve had a number of great experiences with Cooking Light’s recipes. Experiences that leave me full but feeling svelte nonetheless.

Photo Credit: Evil Shennanigans

Last but not least, there are those of you out there who barely saw the last guest’s taillight turning the corner before you started planning the next gathering. For those of you in this camp, consider Evil Shenanigans and her Bacon Jalapeno Stuffed Mushrooms. This essentially combines my two very favorite Pioneer Woman appetizers and somehow  manages to improve on the fat factor (these still aren’t light, but improved). The lovechild of bacon wrapped jalapenos and brie stuffed mushrooms? Don’t mind if I do.