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Serving Up Mushrooms with the Culinary Institute of America

If you are a long time reader of the Channel, you know that we’ve had run ins with the CIA before…and before you start wondering what kind of delicious espionage we managed to get ourselves involved with, that’d be the Culinary Institute of America. This past fall we attended two events with the CIA that featured an gorgeous mushroom dishes with an ironically international array of tastes.

First, we stopped by the new Latin Flavors conference to celebrate the grand opening of the CIA’s San Antonio campus. Mushroom usage in Latin culture dates back to the time of the Aztecs, so it was no surprise to see the following recipes served up and quickly devoured.

Cheese and Mushroom Stacked Quesadillas

Mushroom Chilaquiles

Fried Eggs with Portabellas and Ranchera Salsa (a twist on eggs benedict)

At the CIA’s Worlds of Flavor annual conference in St. Helena, CA, the theme was Japanese cuisine. Another no brainer for mushrooms and plenty were available for sampling. The Council worked with Chef Masa Uehara from Masa’s Sushi in Mountain View, CA to prepare some delicious recipes for attendees to sample. If you are in the area, be sure to stop by his restaurant and ask for the Royal Trumpet Roll (pictured below). Described by many as the best dish of the conference, it features a tempura Royal Trumpet mushroom wrapped in a sushi roll and topped with a sake-marinated shiitake mushroom.

Also served during the conference was a Portabella Sashimi,

Maitake mushrooms served three ways: Grilled, Tempura, Sautéed,

And a Portabella Panko Katsu.

Have any unique Latin or Asian mushroom recipes of your own you want to share?

Also served during the conference was a Portabella Sashimi,

Our Recent Rendezvous with the CIA…Culinary Institute of America That Is!

Take a quick break from voting to check out a few new delicious mushroom recipes from our latest adventures with the Culinary Institute of America!

Not too long ago we were lucky enough to hang out with the top nutrition researchers and chefs at the Culinary Institute of America’s annual Worlds of Healthy Flavors conference in sunny St. Helena, California. We got to talk about food the whole time, in particular how to create more healthful and flavorful menus with our favorite ingredient, mushrooms!

Mushroom Display

Secretly, we knew it wouldn’t be too hard of a sell. As you mushroom fans know, mushrooms are case in point that delicious and nutritious can indeed be one in the same. Not only do mushrooms add great flavor (thank you, umami), but they also are low in calories, fat and cholesterol-free and full of vitamin D and antioxidants! Why wouldn’t someone want to add mushrooms to their menu?

Now, one of the best parts of the conference was – you know it! – the food. We enjoyed watching a cooking demo from Chefs Michael Tuohy,  John Ash and Suvir Saran and we offered up some delicious breakfast recipes that you can now try too! Check out these new recipes and their mouth-watering pics:

Farro and Mushroom Burgers (this was the cooking demo dish!)

Mushroom Slider Demo

Sautéed Mushroom, Spinach and Red Pepper Strudel


Mushroom-Stuffed Ancho Rellenos

Mushroom Stuffed Peppers

Frittata with Sautéed Mushrooms and Black Beans

Black Bean Mushroom Frittata

Yukon Gold Potato, Beet, Shiitake Mushroom Hash with a Poached Egg

Potato, Beet and Shiitake Mushroom Hash with Poached Eggs

Worlds of Flavor a Delicious International Experience for Mushrooms

The Mushroom Council recently attended the Worlds of Flavor Conference at the Culinary Institute of America, one of the country’s premier and trend setting foodservice events. This year, the theme was world street food and world comfort food, so mushrooms fit right in! Chefs from around the world convened to reflect on how Americans want to eat while enjoying three-days of sauce-slopping, noodle-slurping, kabob -sampling, chaat-nibbling, tamales-tasting, dumpling-savoring and tapas-grazing.

The Mushroom Council collaborated with Colavita and served some delectable dishes at our joint booth during the evening Market Place events.

Worlds of Flavor

Colavita Olive Oil and mushrooms paired together are just like two peas in a pod and make for some very tasty treats.  You can click below to find recipes: